Nasal Tip Plasty

What is Nasal Tip Plasty?

Nasal tip plasty is a surgery aimed at getting a better looking nasal tip by the means of surgery. Nasal tip plasty is specifically meant for treating the tip, and it cannot treat another part of the nose such as the bridge of the nose, roof of the nose, cartilage conditions, or the bones.

How does Nasal Tip Plasty help?

Some people may have a big bulbous nose, i.e. a fat nose without any definition on the tip, or just a fat tip. The nasal tip plasty corrects any such defects by creating an elev...

How is Nasal Tip Plasty done?

What are the benefits and risks of Nasal Tip Plasty procedure?

Nasal tip plasty is a fairly simple procedure, but as any other surgical process, it has a few risks associated with it, which a person must be aware of.

First and foremost, it treats a big nose giving it more definition and structure. The tip looks more sculpted and can enhance the overall feel of the face. The Nasal Tip Plasty surgery does not treat the bridge of the nose or the roof of the nose. The people who are looking to get a short, made-t...

The risks associated with the Nasal Tip Plasty surgery are:

  • Scarring, bleeding, and numbness.
  • Chances of collapse.
  • Damage to deeper structure.
  • Skin cancer.
  • Allergic reaction.

Nasal tip plasty is a short quick method to enhance the tip of the nose, but if it is not performed carefully and with utmost precision, the surgery can make the tip unnecessarily elevated resulting in a parrot nose. During nasal tip plasty, the angle between the nasal tip and the lips is also ad...

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