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Optimising the use of Bone Density Tests through FRAX Scores

Bone fractures are painful injuries that can be caused during high impact accidents. They generally occur when the physical force..

Dr. Beena Bansal


Why Do Patients Fail to Take Their Pills?

Why are a significant number of Indian patients failing to complete their prescribed doses of medication? From reasons like forgetfulness and financial..

Dr. Ambrish Mithal


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Microvascular Surgeries Are Changing the Way Trauma and Canc...

When Dharamveer (27) was wheeled into the Emergency Room at Medanta –The Medicity, his left leg was almost non-existent. Dharamveer..

Medanta Editorial Team


The Three Golden Rules of Ageing

The realisation that you are getting old can come in waves. As you age you will begin to notice that..

Dr. Prasad Rao Voleti


Against All Odds – Surviving Heart Failure

In 2004, Mahraj Singh was all of 27 years when he first started feeling breathless. A regular check up with..

Dr. Sanjay Mittal


Premlata’s Miraculous Story Of Surviving Breast Cancer

In May 2012, the door to Medanta’s Breast Services institute opened and Rajinder Moudgil wheeled his wife Premlata straight into..

Medanta Editorial Team