Craniospinal Irradiation

What is Craniospinal Irradiation?

Craniospinal Irradiation is essentially applied on patients who are at a risk of suffering from a disease or metastasized brain tumour. It is also used when the central nervous system (CNS) cannot be treated with chemotherapy.

How does Craniospinal Irradiation help?

Craniospinal irradiation procedure is required to kill the tumour cells in the brain and spinal cord after tumours such as Ependymomas and Medulloblastomas spread into the whole...

How is Craniospinal Irradiation done?

What are the benefits and risks of Craniospinal Irradiation treatment?

This technique is very reliable in treating organs, which cannot be treated by chemotherapy. Unlike any radiation therapy, Craniospinal Irradiation also comes with some risks and limitations. These risks can be eliminated by efficient practices, but patients must be aware of them.

The advantages of Craniospinal Irradiation treatment:

It treats organs that cannot be treated by chemotherapy. As compared to more complex delivery methods, this technique also provides ease and rapidity in planning.

Since the body organs are exposed to high-intensity radiation, it has great risk for the brain. There is also an attached risk of neurocognitive abilities, endocrinology function and hearing.

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