BrainSUITE with Intra-operative Imaging

What is BrainSUITE with Intra-operative Imaging?

BrainSUITE with intra-operative MRI is a state of the art Neurosurgery operating theatre, which has the capability of intra-operative MR (magnetic resonance) imaging and MR-guided surgery. It helps surgeons to perform a high-resolution MRI during the surgery, vs. the regular scan which is done outside the operating room, which gives surgeons a real-time view of their progress during complex brain surgeries.

The image guidance during the surgery acts as a GPS (Global Positioning System) — it navigates the surgeon through the channels of the brain, so as to ensure the precision in the surgery. This prevents damage to normal brain tissues and also helps in minimizing the damage to the area from where tumor is resected. It helps in ensuring the nerves and important tracts are saved as much as possible. Medanta is equipped with the latest MAGNETOM Espree eco for intra-operative imaging, which has advanced TIM technology, which provides superb quality images and fast image acquisition.

What makes BrainSUITE Intra-operative Imaging unique?

BrainSUITE reduces the risk of damaging the crucial parts of the brain and help the surgery to be successful. It provides a complete check if some more resection is required before the closing of t...

How does it help?

Image guidance helps in performing precise surgery and prevents damage to healthy brain tissues, thus helping in the preservation of normal brain functions. Intra-operative MRI helps in performing an immediate assessment of the degree of tumour removal. This ensures that adequate tumour removal is performed. MRI guidance helps in immediate detection of complications.

The difference between a normal surgery and Neuro-navigation in BrainSUITE can be understood as driving with a GPS navigation system. Just as a GPS navigation system helps you in real-time through traffic routes and makes it easy for you to drive, similarly the Neuro-navigation attached to the BrainSUITE helps your surgeon to get a real-time image of the tumor, as compared to a normal surgery where MRI is done outside the OT and then tumor is visible only after the skull is opened.

How is a BrainSUITE intra-operational imaging performed?

What are the benefits and risks of BrainSUITE intra-operational imaging?

Intra-operational imaging is a non-invasive and painless test that results in high-resolution images of the brain within a short span of time.

  • Greater precision is provided to the surgeon by integrating the MRI imaging and the operating room navigation to ensure that the complete tumour is removed without damaging any healthy tissues.
  • Real time imaging is possible so the patient does not need to undergo multiple opera

Risks are dependent on the procedure being performed. Please discuss the risks of each procedure with your doctor.

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