CT Scan on Wheels

What is CT Scan on Wheels?

Computed Topography which is also known as CT Scan is the process of imaging with the use of X-rays and advanced computer technology. It helps to visualise cross-sectional images on any part of the body, horizontally or vertically. The process is digital. It produces a 3D picture of the internal parts of a patient’s body. The images are taken from different angles so that the doctors can visualise the part from each angle to get a better view.

Patients suffering from stroke need special care while performing a CT scan. It is not an easy task to perform a CT scan on wheels. Stroke is a long-term disability which eventually leaves a person handicapped. The Portable CT scan machines at Medanta have provided the best solution to all the imaging needs of such a patient.

What makes CT Scan on Wheels so unique?

• The versatility of the developed technique allows the patient to sit with ease while doctors perform the CT scan.
• The technology is capable of transforming any room into an advanced ...

How is it done?

What are the benefits and risks of CT Scan on Wheels?

CT Scan has several advantages over the traditional methods of radiography. CT Scan on Wheels completely eliminates the superimposition of images, although the process comes with its own set of risks which the patient should be aware of.

  • Less investment
  • Less travelling of patients
  • Mobility
  • Quality imaging

  • The contrast dye can cause side effects, however, this is unlikely to happen.
  • The noise may irritate some patients.
  • The exposure to radiation may cause cancer, however, this is highly unlikely to happen.

How does Medanta provide care?

Medanta offers cutting edge technology and state-of the- art treatment facilities designed to deliver healthcare at an affordable cost. The technology and equipment commissioned at Medanta is compa...

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