Radiology and Imaging

About the Speciality

The Radiology and Imaging division at Medanta constitutes a team of specialists committed to provide quality radio-diagnosis to the patients and referring physicians. Backed with the latest technology, skilled technicians, qualified doctors, and supporting staff, the division delivers accurate results.

With advanced technology like 3Tesla MRI machine, Flash CT-256 slices, Color Doppler, Digital Mammogram, Ultrasound and Digital X-ray units, we ensure that we support our physicians and surgeons diagnose complicated cases with accurate and timely results. Our 3D technology provides in depth analysis of the gastrointestinal area with 3D Virtual Colonoscopy CT, 3D Virtual CT Cholangiopancreaticography enabling our surgeons to select the correct approach for surgery. With the Intra Operative MRI machine and mobile CT equipment we bring the diagnostic facilities to the patient in the OT as well as in the IPD.

Interventional Radiology is specialised area where our skilled radiologists perform biopsies and aspirations with the help of sophisticated imaging techniques. With the wide range of specialised procedures like Videofluroscopic swallow study, DTPA, Fluroscopies, Barium Studies, HRCT and Angiograms, our department is focused on the use of medical imaging to detect, diagnose and guide the treatment of disease. We are known for providing accurate treatment and appropriate patient care and services at all times.

A word from our leaders

What we detect?

At the division of Radiology and Imaging, our qualified professionals strive to dedicate their time, efforts, and skill to assist our surgeons and clinicians detect and diagnose their patients’ ailments and provide timely treatment. Our departme...

Our approach to treat you

Our team works to assist all specialities like orthopaedics, neurology, neurosurgery, rheumatology, oncologist and cardiologist to provide a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach for evaluation and treatment of patients. We do one on one discuss...

Consult with experienced doctors

Utilize latest technology

  • 3T MRI

    An MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) is a scanning process that produces accurate and comprehensive images of the human body using magnetic field, radio waves, with the use a computer. We also have an intra OT MRI to take images during various surgeries like cardiac surgeries, neurosurgery and orthopaedics

  • CT scan

    Computed Tomography (CT) scan is a process of imaging performed with the use of X-rays and advanced computer technology. It helps to visualize cross-sectional images on any part of body horizontally or vertically. We have a mobile CT also that helos take images for critically ill and immobile patients.

  • Magnetom Verio

    The technology is the latest MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) system, and provides exceptional image quality with shorter imaging time, and maximum patient comfort.

  • The Definition Flash

     It is the latest technology for CT scan with tremendous clinical and research capabilities, which has revolutionised the CT industry. It performs high quality CT studies and angiographies at lower radiation doses and contrast volumes.

  • Digital Mammography

    The technology enables the surgeons to perform biopsies with small incisions. With this technology, the incisions will be as small as 2-3 cm.

Avail advanced treatment and procedures

  • Peripheral Angiography

    It is a procedure that uses X-rays to develop a picture of the inside of the body, and helps the doctor paint a clear picture for the treatment.

  • Image Guided Biopsies

    Using ultrasound , CT or MRI our highly skilled radiologists perform biopsies of the most intricate and complex organs.

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