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Do you frequently experience distressing ideas such as:

• Excessive concern with contamination?
• Repetitive urge to wash hands even while knowing they’re not dirty?
• Frequent excessive checking of items like locks and stoves
for reassurance?
• Fear of blurting out obscenities?
• Unwanted sexual thoughts or images?
• Preoccupation with arranging things in order, symmetry and counting?


If you do so at a level that causes impairment of everyday functioning,
then you could possibly have obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Is there a cure for this distressing condition?

Fortunately, we have various treatment options like medication and behavioural
But if all else fails, one can go for a surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation.
It is a procedure where specific areas of the brain are selectively stimulated for
symptom abatement.
To learn more about DBS, attend the talk by experts.