Medanta Becomes The First Hospital In India To Successfully Use Stent For Brain pCONus Aneurysm

Medanta became India’s first hospital to successfully perform cerebral/brain aneurysm with a pCONus stent implant, a coiling method used for treating complex aneurysm cases. What is Brain Aneurysm?
Brain Aneurysm occurs when an abnormal or weak spot on the arterial wall of brain bulges and fills with blood. It is a life threatening condition as its rupture can lead to a stroke known as a haemorrhage.
What is a pCONus stent?
A pCONus stent implant is a coiling method used to support difficult aneurysm cases. The benefit of pCONus stent implant over open brain surgery is that the latter has a higher chance of complication (15-20 percent). The biggest positive about this surgery is that there are minimal chances of post-operative memory and speech issues. The pCONus stent implant was performed on a 79 year old female patient, who was admitted in a serious condition, with a 16 mm sized blood clot in the brain. The patient has been dealing with the symptoms, headache and seizures from a week before admission. Medanta’s Institute of Neurosciences opted for this cutting-edge technology that used minimal invasive intervention over an open brain surgery after weighing all pros and cons, especially the age. Dr. Gaurav Goel, Associate Director & Head Neurointerventional Surgery, Medanta who became the first doctor in the country to perform a successful implant stated, “We are happy to have performed a successful brain aneurysm surgery with a pCONus stent implant. This procedure was performed on a patient who was admitted in an extremely sensitive and complicated condition. We are delighted that the family supported us in our decision and today, the patient is living a normal life. We are confident that many other patients with a similar condition can benefit from this.”
Dr. A N Jha, Chairman, Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta, said, “pCONus stent implant surgery is another successful first at Medanta, which believes in investing and using the latest and the most cutting-edge technology for the benefit of the patients. The team of Doctors from Medanta’s Institute of Neurosciences performed this complex procedure successfully, therefore, proving yet again that for every patient, each Doctor gives his/her utmost.”