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The Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco Surgery & Lung Transplantion provides holistic patient care with a simple motto – If YOU have a Chest Problem, WE have a Solution!We provide comprehensive treatment options for all ailments and diseases related to the Lung...

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Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco Surgery & Lung Transplant provides comprehensive treatment options for all ailments and diseases related to Lungs, Trachea & Bronchus, Pleura, Mediastinum, Esophagus, Chest wall and Diaphragm area of ...

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At the Institute of Chest Surgery, Chest Onco surgery and Lung transplantation we aim to reduce the devastating toll of chest related ailments through the latest technologies and innovative programs in patient care. Our unique ‘Chest Surgery Tea...

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Chest Surgery is a vast field. To provide cutting-edge treatment we have different divisions catering to different diseases.

Utilize cutting-edge technology

  • The Da Vinci Si 3D Robot

    The Da Vinci robotic technology is the most advanced platform for minimally invasive surgery available today.  It enables surgeons to perform delicate and complex surgeries through a few tiny incisions, instead of giving the patient a big cut. The system has an ergonomically designed console where the surgeon sits while operating. The hand movements of the surgeon are converted into corresponding micro-movements of instruments inside the patient’s body.

  • VATS (Key-Hole Surgery)

    Key hole surgery is a revolutionary concept wherein the surgeon carries out the same operation as in open surgery but without the big cuts associated with open surgery. In key hole surgery, instead of big cuts, surgeons make small cuts, put special trocars (hollow tubes) inside the body cavity, put a telescope inside (with a specialized camera mounted on it) which gives the inside image on a monitor.

Avail advanced treatment and procedures

  • Robotic Chest Surgery

    Cutting edge Robotic Surgery for various chest, abdominal, vascular & endocrine (Thyroid) diseases is available at the Institute of Chest Surgery at Medanta

  • VATS- Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery

    Thoracic surgery when performed using a small video camera in a patient's chest by making small incisions is termed Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS or commonly known as keyhole surgery). The small incisions made reduces the rate of infection entering into the patient’s body. Also, the rate of recovery is must faster as compared to the normal open surgery

  • Open Chest Surgery

    Traditionally, thoracic surgery has been performed through a thoracotomy, which is a surgical incision made between the ribs. The incision is approximately 10-15 cm and often results in the need to cut or spread the ribs to get adequate visualization. Typical procedures performed via this approach include removal of the lung or a portion of the lung, esophagus, or chest wall tumors, and repairs of the esophagus, lung, or major blood vessels.

  • Robotic Thymectomy

    The surgical treatment of thymomas is termed as Thymectomy.  The procedure has achieved massive success in the improvement of Myasthenia Gravia post thymectomy.  Robotic Thymectomy has become an alternative approach to open surgery/video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. This procedure uses Da Vinci Technology to perform surgeries.

  • Lobectomy

  • Esophagectomy

  • Thyroidectomy

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