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Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Specialized services for managing complex reproductive issues
Expertise in diagnosing and treating pelvic floor disorders.
Comprehensive care for high-risk pregnancies and maternal-fetal medicine
Innovators in minimally invasive gynecological surgeries.
Leaders in fertility preservation and reproductive endocrinology
Leading-edge technologies for early detection of gynecological cancers.

The Gynae Oncology department is dedicated towards increasing awareness and action to prevent and treat all gynaecological cancers with utmost care. We don’t just offer world class, cutting-edge treatment, we offer the support women need to regain strength and self-confidence.

Dr. Sabhyata Gupta
Dr. Sabhyata Gupta
Chairperson Gynaecology And Gynaeoncology
‘Gynaecology Team’
Where Compassion Meets Gynaecological Excellence
Gynaecology Team

Experience comprehensive women's healthcare with a dedicated team of experts

Gynaecology Team

Count on us for expert guidance and support through your reproductive health journey

Gynaecology Team

We specialize in providing compassionate and effective solutions for gynaecological concerns.

Gynaecology Team : Compassionate gynecologists dedicated to your well-being
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