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Equipped with 12 dedicated emergency beds featuring a comprehensive set of machinery for acute care & immediate intervention
24*7 emergency care ensures prompt response to handle any emergencies & trauma
We take pride in our expertise in rapid response and critical care, especially for life-threatening situations
Dedicated to using cutting-edge technolo and skilled caregivers, we provide top-tier emergency medical care, saving lives efficiently
One of the largest emergency facility among private healthcare facility in the city with highest number of ER & ICU beds
Trauma and emergency services excel with 24/7 access to specialized care for all patients in need
‘Emergency Team’
Emergency Response, Excellence Delivered - Your Safety, Our Mission.

Our Interventional Emergency Department is equipped with cutting-edge technology and rapid response teams for critical care scenarios.


We prioritize timely interventions to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients in emergency situations.


Our team is committed to delivering immediate and accurate medical interventions during critical health crises.

Emergency Team : Urgency Meets Expertise - Your Trusted Partner in Critical Moments.
Medanta is a Level 1 Trauma Facility
Immediate 24 x 7 emergency care when seconds count.

Medanta's Emergency Department is equipped with cutting-edge trauma care technology, including CT scanners, MRI machines, and operating theaters, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Medanta operates as a Level 1 Trauma Facility with in-house surgical specialists and sub-specialists for severe cases.


We employ a Tier Triage system to swiftly categorize patients as immediate, urgent, or non-urgent, ensuring precise care.


The close proximity of Medanta's trauma facilities allows for rapid patient transfers, a critical factor in trauma care where time is of the essence.

Our Treatments
When seconds matter, trust us for prompt and effective emergency care

Seizure: A seizure is a sudden, abnormal electrical discharge in the brain that can manifest as uncontrolled muscle movements, altered consciousness, or sensory disturbances. Causes vary, from epilepsy to head injuries and infections. Management often includes antiepileptic medications and lifestyle adjustments.


Shock: Shock is a life-threatening medical condition in which the body's vital organs do not receive enough blood and oxygen. It can result from various factors such as severe trauma, infections, or severe allergic reactions. Immediate medical attention and supportive care are crucial to address the underlying cause and stabilize the patient.


Choking: Choking occurs when a foreign object obstructs the airway, preventing the flow of air into the lungs. Immediate intervention, including abdominal thrusts or back blows, is necessary to clear the airway and restore normal breathing.

Doctors, Pioneers, Life Savers

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned institutions, our highly experienced doctors are distinguished experts in their respective specialities. Our doctors work full-time and exclusively across Medanta hospitals. In addition to offering superspecialised care in their own field, the Medanta organisational structure enables every doctor to help create a culture of collaboration and multispecialty care integration.

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned i..... Continue Reading

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