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Liver Transplant

Specialised care for rare liver conditions and hepatobiliary disorders
Internationally acclaimed team with a track record of successful liver transplants
Expertise in complex liver surgeries, including living donor transplants
Innovative techniques for minimally invasive liver surgery and faster recovery
Comprehensive pre-transplant assessment and counselling for both patients and donors
Lifesaving options for acute liver failure, including emergency transplants

Every liver transplant at Medanta is a harmonious blend of expertise from various medical fields. Our dedicated team includes liver and biliary surgeons, hepatologists, anaesthetists, radiologists, pathologists, critical care experts and more. We work collaboratively under one roof, supported by critical care, pathology, transfusion medicine, and other crucial disciplines. This comprehensive approach ensures top-quality care for every patient, emphasising collaboration and excellence in treatment.

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin
‘Liver Team’
We Don't Just Transplant Livers; We Transplant Hope and New Beginnings

More than 4000 liver transplants including 500 pediatric transplants with more than 95% success rate.


The Pioneer Institute in India providing comprehensive training to doctors in all aspects of liver transplants.


Advanced HCC and other malignancy patients are provided with treatment opportunities and hope.


Approximately >4000 liver transplants, including 500 pediatric transplants, with a >95% success rate.


Pioneer Institute for training doctors for all aspects of Liver Transplants in India.


Providing treatment opportunities and a ray of hope to advanced malignancies, advanced HCC and to the sickest of the patients.

Liver Team : World-class liver surgeons, hepatologists, anaesthetists, critical care experts, and paediatric liver surgeons work seamlessly to give you a better life.
Medanta is a Level 1 Trauma Facility
Here are some potential USPs that a Liver department could emphasize

India’s First Simultaneous Three-Way Paired Exchange Liver Transplant without Non-Directed Donation


India’s First DOMINOs i.e. transplanting liver from a patient with metabolic disease into a patient with end‐stage liver disease


The team that developed the program in India from the beginning and conceptualized it


India’s First Paediatric’s Transplants


Our dedicated liver transplant care floor is committed to delivering the highest standard of care and support to all liver transplant recipients, fostering a nurturing environment for their journey to optimal health.

The Liver Institute Has Performed
Pioneer In India
India’s first triple swap liver transplant
Doctors, Pioneers, Life Savers

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned institutions, our highly experienced doctors are distinguished experts in their respective specialities. Our doctors work full-time and exclusively across Medanta hospitals. In addition to offering superspecialised care in their own field, the Medanta organisational structure enables every doctor to help create a culture of collaboration and multispecialty care integration.

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned i..... Continue Reading

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