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Dr. Susan Philip


Critical Care

DrNB Critical Care Medicine, MD. Internal Medicine, M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Susan Philip

Super-specialized Critical Care Intensivist with Internal medicine background.
Hospitalist – Intensivist (Acute Care Medicine)
Infectious Diseases Physician (ID Clinic)

She is expert in diagnostic and therapeutic decision making for various medical illnesses, with particular focus on tropical infections, diagnostic challenges and therapeutic modalities for multisystem involvement. Further she has enhanced her clinical expertise to the critical care medicine, and excelled herself in assessing and stabilizing patients with life-threatening conditions. Along with administering sophisticated ICU treatments like mechanical ventilation and renal replacement therapy, and spearheading a collaborative approach with a multidisciplinary team to manage complex diagnoses,... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

sepsis-multi-organ-failure-management Sepsis & Multi Organ Failure management Sepsis & Multi Organ Failure management
acute-care-medicine-ards-alf Acute Care Medicine, ARDS, ALF Acute Care Medicine, ARDS, ALF
infectious-diseases Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases
obstetric-ccm-gastro-ccm Obstetric-CCM, Gastro-CCM Obstetric-CCM, Gastro-CCM

Awards/Academic Achievements

Prevalence and risk factors for pulmonary function abnormalities in type 2 diabetes and their correlation with microvascular complications. (NAPCON2016) 2016
Mediastinal Hematoma - An uncommon complication following internal jugular vein catheterization (NAPCON-2016 2016
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