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Critical Care

Critical Care
State-of-the-art facility boasts one of the largest closed critical care unit featuring 120 medical ICU beds
Comprehensive ICU services spanning all medical super specialities.
Specialized units for Pulmonary-CCM ICU, Gastro-CCM ICU, Cardio-CCM ICU, Obstetric-CCM ICU, Nephrology-CCM ICU, Neurology-CCM ICU, Oncology-CCM ICU, Organ Transplant-CCM ICU patients
With a vision to cure the rare and difficult to treat infections, we embellished a domain of Super-specialized division of Infectious Disease as a part of critical care
Acute care medicine clinic to tackle the need of urgent care
Our commitment extends beyond the geographical constraints , offering Medanta e-ICU services and deliver high-quality critical care

Critical Care Medicine is a pivotal branch of healthcare, that stands at the forefront of medical excellence and dedicated to managing life-threatening conditions. Evolution of critical care medicine as a super-speciality took a long journey. Over a period, the medical world acknowledged the importance of its diversified approach which incorporates the potential of superior diagnosis establishment, intelligent monitoring emphasizing rapid response, precise therapeutic decisions and simultaneously providing acute care rehabilitation to ICU patients. This unified approach harnesses a wealth of knowledge , ensuring comprehensive analysis, effective and timely decision-making.

Dr. Dilip Dubey
Dr. Dilip Dubey
Director - Critical Care Medicine
‘Critical Care Team’
Your Critical Care Specialists, dedicated to your health and recovery.
Critical Care Team

This super specialized intensivist squad with different speciality background that comprises of Internal medicine, Anesthesia, Pulmonology and Infectious disease together, pool up their diverse knowledge and skills and formulating accurate diagnosis & plan of management.

Critical Care Team

State of art infectious disease team to handle the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening sepsis.

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First time worldwide use of novel antibiotic cefepime-zidebactum in extremely resistant infection.

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Created Medanta e-ICU Command centre team - super-specialized intensivist with the amalgam of four different specialties.

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Acute care rehabilitation specialist and therapists that provide state of the art rehabilitation care.

Critical Care Team : Our critical care team is relentless in their commitment to your well-being.
Critical care medicine Infrastructure
24x7 Support for Critical Care Services

24*7 care for critically ill patients


CCM Rehabilitation unit for recovering patients


Acute Care Medicine Clinic


Dedicated ICU- 5, Total Medical ICU beds-120, Pulmonary-CCM ICU, Gastro-CCM ICU, Cardio-CCM ICU, Obstetric-CCM ICU, Nephrology-CCM ICU, Neuromedicine- CCM ICU, Oncology-CCM ICU, Organ Transplant-CCM ICU, Isolation CCM ICU, HDU-CCM


State of Art Closed critical care unit for holistic care.


Super-specialized Diversified critical care doctors team including Infectious disease specialist.


Extensive protocolization and meticulous daily work up management for patients.


Advanced monitoring technology.


Rapid Response Team: Having a dedicated team for immediate response to critical situations.


Acute care medicine clinic facility emphasizing the department's commitment to addressing acute medical conditions promptly and efficiently.


Medanta e-ICU Command Centre offering continuous remote ICU critical care monitoring and consultation.


Providing comprehensive educational resources, counselling and support for families of critically ill patients.


ECMO Unit with expertise in cases with refractory ARDS and cardiorespiratory collapse.


Weaning Unit : Respiratory therapist, mobilization, physiotherapist, special technical and nursing team.


Critical Care Rehabilitation Team : acute care rehab specialist, physiotherapists, nutritionist, infection control Nurse and clinical nursing In-charge.


Compassionate end-of-life care and palliative services for patients and their families, ensuring dignity, comfort, and emotional support during challenging times

Our Treatments
Your health is our priority, and Critical Care is where that commitment shines
Advanced ventilatory management
Advanced ventilatory management

Advanced ventilatory management involves the precise adjustment of ventilator settings, such as tidal volume, respiratory rate, and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), tailored to individual patient needs to optimize gas exchange and minimize ventilator-induced lung injury.

State of art infectious disease team
State of art infectious disease team

State of art infectious disease team- decide optimal combination of antimicrobials to cover all possible spectrum of resistant infections

Super specialized intensivist
Super specialized intensivist

Super specialized intensivist squad with multi- disciplinary background – enables critical care doctors for continuous monitoring and timely treatment decision. There presence assure that every patient get highest quality care.

Advanced hemodynamic support
Advanced hemodynamic support

Advanced hemodynamic support encompasses a range of interventions aimed at optimizing cardiac output, blood pressure, and tissue perfusion in critically ill patients. These strategies may include the use of vasopressors, inotropes, mechanical circulatory support devices, and advanced monitoring techniques to manage complex hemodynamic imbalances and improve patient outcomes.

Your health is our priority, and Critical Care is where that commitment shines
Sepsis- complicated & resistant infections
Acute Respiratory Tract Infection

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition triggered by the body's extreme response to an infection, often resulting from complicated and resistant microbial pathogens. In such cases, the body's immune system becomes overwhelmed, leading to widespread inflammation and organ dysfunction, posing significant challenges for effective treatment and management.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome
Acute respiratory distress syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a severe lung condition characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs, leading to difficulty in breathing and a significant decrease in oxygen levels in the bloodstream. ARDS often develops as a complication of other serious illnesses or injuries and requires immediate medical attention, including mechanical ventilation to support breathing.

Shock & Multiple organ failure
Shock & Multiple organ failure

Shock is a critical condition where there is inadequate blood flow to the body's tissues and organs, leading to multiple organ failure if not promptly treated. Multiple organ failure occurs when several organs in the body fail simultaneously, often as a result of severe shock, systemic infections, or other critical medical conditions, posing a grave threat to the patient's life and requiring intensive medical intervention.

Respiratory failure
Respiratory failure

Respiratory failure occurs when the lungs are unable to adequately oxygenate the blood or remove carbon dioxide, leading to a decrease in oxygen levels and an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream. This condition can result from various causes, including lung diseases, trauma, or neuromuscular conditions, and often requires mechanical ventilation to support breathing and maintain adequate oxygenation.

Latest Technology Utilisation
Medanta's Critical Care Department employs state of the art equipment and technologies like:

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is a life-support technique that temporarily provides respiratory and/or cardiac support by circulating blood through an external membrane oxygenator.

Female gynecological intensive care
Female gynecological intensive care

Female gynaecological intensive care involves specialized critical care for women facing severe gynaecological conditions or postoperative complications. This focused medical attention aims to address..


EICU, or Electronic Intensive Care Unit, utilizes advanced telemedicine technology to remotely monitor and manage critically ill patients. This system enables healthcare professionals to provide real-..

Pediatrics intensive care
Pediatrics intensive care

Pediatric intensive care is a specialized medical service dedicated to critically ill infants, children, and adolescents. This branch of healthcare provides advanced monitoring, treatment, and support..

Doctors, Pioneers, Life Savers

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned institutions, our highly experienced doctors are distinguished experts in their respective specialities. Our doctors work full-time and exclusively across Medanta hospitals. In addition to offering superspecialised care in their own field, the Medanta organisational structure enables every doctor to help create a culture of collaboration and multispecialty care integration.

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned i..... Continue Reading

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