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Dr. Mahim Saran

Associate Director


Cardiac Care

Fellowship in Interventional Cardiology , D.M. (Cardiology) , M.D. (Medicine) , M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Mahim Saran

Dr. Mahin Saran is an Associate Director, Interventional Cardiology at Medanta Lucknow. He has worked as interventional fellow and senior resident and has done multiple complex coronary, structural and electrophysiology interventions at K.G.M.C., Lucknow. Dr. Saran is an expert in coronary interventions including Primary PCI and complex interventions like Rotablation. He also specializes in coronary imaging and physiology assessment, Arrhythmias and Device therapy including Radiofrequency Ablation, congenital or adult structural interventions and Heart Failure Therapy. Dr. Mahim has published... Continue Reading



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