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Dr. Himanshu Gupta

Dr. Himanshu Gupta

Senior Consultant


Cardiac Care

D.M. (Cardiology) , M.D. (Internal Medicine) , M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Himanshu Gupta

Dr. Himanshu Gupta is an Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiology at Medanta Lucknow. He is well trained in interventions like coronary angioplasties and complex peripheral angioplasties, pacemaker and device implantation, paediatric procedures like device closures and balloon mitral valvotomy.

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Coronary Angioplasties & Complex Peripheral Angioplasties
black_icon_image white_icon_image Pacemaker and Device Implantation
black_icon_image white_icon_image Paediatric Device Closures
black_icon_image white_icon_image Balloon Mitral Valvotomy



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