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Diabetes Care

Internationally acclaimed specialists in the field of thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalances.
Establishing new benchmarks for optimizing patient well-being through cutting-edge hormone replacement therapies.
Profound expertise in the field of adrenal gland disorders, leading to precise diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.
A renowned center of excellence in gestational diabetes management, prioritizing the well-being of both mothers and their fetuses.
Distinguished for housing exceptional pediatric endocrinologists who specialize in children's hormone-related issues.
Trailblazing the adoption of telemedicine for remote consultations and care in the realm of endocrinology.

Your endocrine health and management of diabetes are essential to your overall well-being. At Medanta's Endocrinology & Diabetology Department, we take immense pride in leading a team of specialized experts dedicated to your hormonal and metabolic well-being. We understand the complexities of endocrine disorders and diabetes management and respect the unique experiences of each patient. Our approach is rooted in empathy, focusing on both your physical and emotional health. Medanta's Endocrinology & Diabetology Department embraces the latest technology and evidence-based research to provide personalized treatments and therapies. Our ultimate objective is clear: delivering world-class care that enhances your endocrine and metabolic health.

Dr. Tanmay Bharani
Senior Consultant - Department Of Endocrinology & Diabetes
‘Endocrinology & Diabetology Team’
Harmonizing Health, Defying Diabetes.

At Medanta's Endocrinology and Diabetology Department, we take a solemn oath to manage hormonal disorders and diabetes with the utmost of personalized care.


Our approach, which seamlessly integrates the realms of endocrine and diabetic care under one roof, ensures that your health concerns are tended to with a meticulous and dedicated touch.


Our seasoned team of endocrinologists stands ready to deliver top-tier treatment for your hormonal health, serving as the guardians of your well-being.

Endocrinology & Diabetology Team : Compassionate Endocrine and Diabetic Care for Your Well-being
Medanta is a Level 1 Trauma Facility
Continuous Endocrinology & Diabetology care, promoting hormone and blood sugar balance.

Emergency care meets the unique needs of patients grappling with endocrine and diabetic complications stemming from trauma.


We champion the management of endocrine and diabetic conditions in trauma patients as inpatients and outpatients.


Comprehensive rehabilitation programs offer a lifeline for recovery, ushering in the restoration of the quality of life.


For patients facing endocrine and metabolic emergencies, such as diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state, and hypoglycemia, we are their steadfast support.

Our Treatments
Regain your vitality by achieving a harmonious balance of hormones and effective diabetes management.
Adrenal Disorders

Adrenal Disorders: Adrenal disorders encompass a range of conditions that affect the adrenal glands, small structures located on top of the kidneys. These glands produce hormones like cortisol, aldosterone, and adrenaline, which are essential for various bodily functions. Adrenal disorders can result in hormonal imbalances, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, weight changes, and changes in blood pressure.

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid Disorders: Thyroid disorders affect the thyroid gland, which plays a vital role in regulating metabolism. Hypothyroidism is characterized by an underactive thyroid, while hyperthyroidism involves an overactive thyroid. These disorders can lead to a wide array of symptoms, including fatigue, weight changes, mood swings, and changes in heart rate.

Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary Disorders: The pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain, regulates the production of hormones that influence other endocrine glands. Pituitary disorders can result from tumors, injuries, or genetic conditions and often lead to hormonal imbalances, affecting growth, reproduction, and overall health.

Latest Technology Utilisation
Our Department comes fully equipped with:

Adrenalectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove one or both adrenal glands. The procedure is used to treat adrenal tumors, hormone-producing tumors, or conditions that affect the adrenal gla..


Thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of part or all of the thyroid gland. It is commonly used to treat thyroid conditions such as thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism, or large t..

Doctors, Pioneers, Life Savers

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned institutions, our highly experienced doctors are distinguished experts in their respective specialities. Our doctors work full-time and exclusively across Medanta hospitals. In addition to offering superspecialised care in their own field, the Medanta organisational structure enables every doctor to help create a culture of collaboration and multispecialty care integration.

Our superspecialist doctors provide the highest quality of care through a team-based, doctor-led model. Trained at some of the world's most renowned i..... Continue Reading

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