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Dr. Bharat Rawat

Associate Director


Cardiac Care

DM(Cardiology) , MD(Medicine) , M.B.B.S

About Dr. Bharat Rawat

Twenty years of experience in the field of Cardiology
Started Interventional Cardiology work in Nepal (year 2000-2015)
Featured in more than 2000 health and motivational talk shows

Dr Rawat is credited with the initiation of modern cardiology practice in Nepal. He was the cardiologist to the King, the prince and Prime minister of Nepal. Dr Rawat worked as the Executive Director and Chief of Cardiology at Norvic International Hospital, Kathmandu ( 1998-2015). Dr Rawat has widely travelled all over the globe for his professional presentations and is member of all the leading Cardiac Societies. Dr Rawat has been honored with numerous awards and felicitations for his medical and social services in Nepal. He has written hundreds of articles and authored a book on healthy life... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Coronary Interventions (Radial Route)
black_icon_image white_icon_image Clinical Cardiology

Milestones Achieved

Felicitation by the Indian Embassy,Nepal
Award for the outstanding relief work during the mega earthquake in Nepal
Felicitation by the King of Nepal
Grader for Complication Session cases (EURO PCR)
2012 & 2011
Felicitation by Health Minister of Nepal
Felicitation by Bharat Nepal Maitri Society
The best consultant award
Inter college Chess tournament


Dr Bharat Rawat, How to take care of High Bp, Diabetes and Heart during locked
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