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Dr. Soumil Singhal


Radiology & Imaging

Undergraduate , MBBS - MD in Radio-diagnosis , MBBS - DNB Radio-diagnosis

About Dr. Soumil Singhal

Specialization and Expertise

Ultrasound Ultrasound Ultrasound
 Neuroradiology  Neuroradiology Neuroradiology
 Abdominal Imaging  Abdominal Imaging Abdominal Imaging
 Bone Imaging/Musculoskeletal  Bone Imaging/Musculoskeletal Bone Imaging/Musculoskeletal
 Kohler Disease  Kohler Disease Kohler Disease
 Pneumoconiosis  Pneumoconiosis Pneumoconiosis
 Gastrointestinal Imaging  Gastrointestinal Imaging Gastrointestinal Imaging
 General Radiology  General Radiology General Radiology
 Genitourinary Imaging  Genitourinary Imaging Genitourinary Imaging
 Medical Physics  Medical Physics Medical Physics
 Pediatric Radiology  Pediatric Radiology Pediatric Radiology
 Thoracic Imaging  Thoracic Imaging Thoracic Imaging

Milestones Achieved

Best Paper Award - Shunt Reduction in a common post TIPS S complication, Mid Term CME Meet, Complication Management, ISVIR 2019
Best Poster for Technical improvements in selective infra arterial radio therapy (SIRT) for primary and secondary liver tumours: Single centre experience- 10th edition of UAE cancer congress
Second place for "Microwave Ablation in Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A single Institutional Experience"- CIRCON 2018 Bangalore, Karnataka
First place in radiology quiz held at KREST IRIA Kochi, 11th -12th MARCH 2017
Second place in 24th Indian Academy of Paediatrics quiz for undergraduates at Kempe-gowda Institute of Medical Sciences, 5th August 2011
Fellow Scholarship: Global Embolisation Symposium technologies (GEST) 2018, Miami, USA
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