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Meet Our Doctors
Dr. Younis Majid Khan
Associate Consultant
  • A Osteoarthritis
  • A Joint Pain
  • A Hip Pain
  • A Knee Pain
  • MD Physician
Dr. Ashok Rajgopal
Group Chairman
  • A Knee Replacement Surgery
  • A Joint Replacement Surgery
  • A Arthroscopic Ligament Surgeries
  • A Arthroplasty Surgeries
  • A Hip Surgery
  • A Robotic Surgeries
  • F.R.C.S.
  • F.I.M.S.A.
  • M.Ch. (Ortho)
  • M.S. (Ortho)
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Attique Vasdev
Senior Director
  • A Knee Replacement
  • A Sports Injuries
  • A Ligament Reconstruction of Knee
  • Fellowship
  • M.S. (Orthopaedics)
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Raman Kant Aggarwal
Senior Director
  • A Sports Injuries
  • A Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries (Bankart repair)
  • A Reverse shoulder replacement
  • A Complex and revision shoulder replacement
  • A Total elbow replacement
  • A Complex trauma of upper limb
  • A Joint replacement surgeries
  • A Joint reconstruction surgeries
  • Fellowship (Shoulder & Elbow Surgery)
  • MSc (Trauma & Orthopaedics and Health Services)
  • Fellowship (Hip & Knee replacements)
  • Fellowship (Advanced orthopaedic reconstruction for complex trauma)
  • M.S. (Orthopaedics)
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Somesh Virmani
Senior Consultant
  • A DDH, Perthes Disease, SCFE
  • A CTEV, CVT, Radial Clubhand, CDK
  • A Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy
  • A Limb Deformities in children
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics
  • MNAMS (Orthopaedics)
  • DNB (Orthopaedics)
  • MBBS
Dr. Sumit Kumar
  • A Orthopedics Trauma
  • A Hip Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy
  • A Knee Arthroplasty & Arthroscopy
  • A Sports Injuries
  • M.S. (Orthopaedics)
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Vineesh Mathur
  • A Spinal Surgery
  • A Spinal Tumors
  • A Spinal Deformity
  • A Percutaneous Spine Intervention
  • A Endoscopic Spine Intervention
  • DNB
  • M.S. (Orthopaedics)
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Vipin Chand Tyagi
  • A Primary and complex primary hip replacement
  • A Primary and complex primary knee replacement
  • A Revision and infected hip arthroplasty
  • A Revision and infected knee arthroplasty
  • Fellowship in Arthroplasty
  • D. Ortho
  • M.B.B.S.
Dr. Vivek Dahiya
  • A Knee Fractures
  • A Knee Arthroscopy
  • A Knee Ligament Reconstructions
  • A Primary and Revision Total Knee Replacement
  • D.N.B. (Orthopaedics)
  • M.D. Physician
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