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Dr. Neeraj Saraf

Senior Director

Liver Transplant

Fellowship in Advanced Clinical Hepatology , D.N.B. (Gastroenterology) , M.D. (General Medicine) , M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Neeraj Saraf

In-charge of Medanta Liver Clinic
Experience of treating 3000 liver transplant patients
Actively involved in clinical research in field of HCV, fatty liver and liver transplantation

Dr Neeraj Saraf is a leading expert in liver diseases in the country. He has large experience in treating all aspects of liver disease including viral hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and liver failure. He has one of the largest experience in the country in treating Hepatitis C with newer direct acting antivirals. Dr Saraf is an expert in managing patients before and after liver transplantation with patients taking advice from him across the globe. He has experience of treating 3000 liver transplant patients. He is an active member of various international liver societies and a reputed... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Liver Failure
black_icon_image white_icon_image Viral Hepatitis/ Hepatitis C
black_icon_image white_icon_image Fatty Liver
black_icon_image white_icon_image Liver Cirrhosis



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