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Dr. Vivek Sabharwal

Associate Consultant

Internal Medicine

MBBS , DNB(Internal Medicine) , Post Graduate Diploma In Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes (Royal College of Physicians - UK)

About Dr. Vivek Sabharwal

Doctor Vivek Sabharwal has 7 years plus experience in the field of Internal Medicine andDiabetology. He has treated multiple COVID patients during the pandemic and has a specialexpertise in handling patients in Sepsis, Respiratory Illnesses, COPD patients,Gastrointestinal Infections, Acute and Chronic fevers etc.Has tremendous OPD skills in handling Diabetic and Thyroid Disorders.

Specialization and Expertise

infectious-diseases Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases
diabetes-and-diabetes-ketoacidosis Diabetes and Diabetes Ketoacidosis Diabetes and Diabetes Ketoacidosis
hypertension-and-lipid-dysregulation Hypertension and Lipid Dysregulation Hypertension and Lipid Dysregulation
headaches-and-migraine Headaches and Migraine Headaches and Migraine
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