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Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Attending Consultant

Internal Medicine

MPH in Epidemiology, MBBS

About Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mishra

Dr Rakesh Mishra finished with his MBBS in 2008 thereafter completed MPH specializing in Epidemiology in 2012 from Florida International University, Miami. Currently, he holds a position as attending consultant with Medanta hospital Gurugram dept. of Internal Medicine. He is bringing with him the diverse experience in clinical practice from havingworked in medicine, surgery, ICU, cardiology, industrial health, emergency-trauma, critical care and so on.. He is passionate about patient care, health education and preventive health.He believes only a healthy attitude can bring a change in person,... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

epidemiology-preventive-medicine Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine

Awards/Academic Achievements

TOEFL 2009
BLS 2018
Worlds-Ahead Graduate nominee, FIU 2012
Student Employee of the Year nominee, FIU 2011
National Institute of Health: Protecting Human Research Participants 2009
Distinguish Graduate of Zhengzhou University, China 2008
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