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Dr. Chris Alvis Shaji

Senior Resident

Internal Medicine

MD Internal Medicine, MBBS

About Dr. Chris Alvis Shaji

Treated more than 50 advanced heart failure patients
Involved in the effective preoperative evaluation of over 100 CABG inpatients
Actively involved in various DNB/MD resident teaching programs and research

Dr CHRIS ALVIS SHAJI, after completing MD Internal Medicine from Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur, is working with Department of Preventive Health and Wellness since October 2023. His expertise is in Internal Medicine, Clinical Cardiology, lifestyle disease management and Infectious disease. He works with patients to help in the early identificationand treatment of risk factors of potentially fatal cardiac disease and in the management of its associated complications. He oversees the planning and post-transplant care for heart transplant recipients and has extensive experience tr... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

lifestyle-disease Lifestyle disease	Lifestyle disease
clinical-cardiology Clinical cardiology	Clinical cardiology
tropical-medicine Tropical medicine	Tropical medicine
heart-failure Heart failure Heart failure
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