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Mrs. Raghuvani

Senior Dietitian

Dietetics and Nutrition

MS (1year), M. Sc, B.Sc

About Mrs. Raghuvani

Personalized Wellness: I am Senior Dietitian Raghuvani, your dedicated guide to tailored nutrition plans. With a focus on your unique needs, together we embark on a journey to optimal health
Holistic Approach: Embracing a holistic perspective, I integrate evidence-based practices to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Through comprehensive dietary strategies, we pave the way for lasting well-being.
Compassionate Support: Beyond expertise, I offer unwavering empathy and encouragement, fostering a supportive environment for your health transformation. Join me in achieving vibrant, lasting wellness.

Dedicated to fostering health and well-being, Raghuvani, a compassionate dietitian at Medanta medicity. With a profound belief in the transformative power of nutrition, Specialize in creating personalized dietary plans that empower individuals to achieve their wellness goals. Through a holistic approach and evidence-based practices, Committed to guiding patients on a journey towards optimal health. Join in embracing a nourishing lifestyle that harmonizes with your unique needs, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Specialization and Expertise

neurological-disorders Neurological disorders Neurological disorders
pre-post-surgery-transplant Pre & Post-surgery/ transplant Pre & Post-surgery/ transplant
g-i-disorders G I Disorders G I Disorders
cancer-immunotherapy-chemotherapy-radiation Cancer Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation Cancer Immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation
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