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Dr. Sweta Patel

Associate Director

Critical Care

Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine, DA (Anaesthesiology), MBBS

About Dr. Sweta Patel

Dr Sweta Jayrambhai Patel is an Associate Director of the Critical Care Unit & has 17 years of experience in critical care medicine. She is a regular faculty in various forums. She is a Treasurer of the Gurgaon Branch of ISCCM. She holds Diploma in ECMO from La Piti Salptrire Hospital, Paris. She is an active Teacher and Examiner of IDCCN, CTCCM, IDCCM and IFCCM. She is an instructor and an international Faculty of the WINFOCUS and has been part of various Ultrasound Courses across the country. She has authored many chapters and articles. She has delivered many lectures at National and intern... Continue Reading

Specialization and Expertise

ultrasound-in-critical-care ultrasound-in-critical-care Ultrasound in Critical Care
nutrition-in-critical-care nutrition-in-critical-care Nutrition in Critical Care
extracorporeal-therapies extracorporeal-therapies Extracorporeal Therapies
hemodynamic-monitoring hemodynamic-monitoring Hemodynamic Monitoring

Awards/Academic Achievements

Life Member, Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) 2020
Member, World Interactive Network Focussed on Critical Ultrasound (WINFOCUS) 2020
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