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Dr. Prashant Pandey

Associate Consultant

Critical Care

Post-MBBS Certificate Course in Critical Care Medicine, MBBS

About Dr. Prashant Pandey

Dr Prashant Pandey is Associate Consultant in Medantds Critical Care Unit and has been working in the field of Critical Care Medicine for more than 18 years.He has actively participated in Several Clinical trials and Studies. Dr Prashant trained in Advance Cardiovascular life Support, Advance Trauma Life Support and Advanced Ultrasound Life Support (WINFOCS).

Specialization and Expertise

critical-care-medicine-management-of-post-liver-lung-transplant critical-care-medicine-management-of-post-liver-lung-transplant Critical Care Medicine Management of Post-Liver & Lung transplant
critical-care-medicine-cardiac-and-gastro-liver-critically-ill-patients critical-care-medicine-cardiac-and-gastro-liver-critically-ill-patients Critical Care Medicine Cardiac and Gastro-Liver Critically ill Patients
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