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Dr. Kartikeya Bhargava

Dr. Kartikeya Bhargava

Senior Director


Cardiac Care

D.N.B. (Cardiology) , M.D. (General Medicine) , M.B.B.S.

About Dr. Kartikeya Bhargava

Cardiac electrophysiologist of repute with expertise in all cases of RF ablations including complex ablations
Great experience in implantation and follow up of pacemaker and related devices (ICD, CRT etc.)
True academician with numerous publications, co-editor of EP textbook and Associate editor of an EP journal

Specialization and Expertise

black_icon_image white_icon_image Electrophysiology and RF Ablation Procedures
black_icon_image white_icon_image 3-D Mapping and Complex Ablations
black_icon_image white_icon_image Pacemaker, ICD and CRT Device Implantation
black_icon_image white_icon_image Lead Extraction and Device Explantation Procedures

Milestones Achieved

Co-editor of first and only textbook of Cardiac Electrophysiology published from India – “Practical Cardiac Electrophysiology”
Indian Healthcare Excellence Award 2019” in recognition of significant contribution to healthcare by Brands Win India presented by Mr. Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of State for Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in New Delhi
Award of Excellence in Cardiology (WCCPGCI-2010) presented by Mrs. Shiela Dixit, Honourable Chief Minister of Govt. of Delhi, Mr. AK Walia, Minister of Finance Planning Urban Development, Govt. of Delhi and Dr. Kiran Walia, Honourable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Delhi
Glory of India Award by India International Friendship Society presented by Mrs. Shiela Dixit, Honourable Chief Minister of New Delhi



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