Pericardial Tapping

What is Pericardial Tapping?

Pericardial tap is the fibrous sac enfolding the heart. And, Pericardial Tapping is the medical procedure for removing a portion of the sac, to release the excessive fluid. 

How does Pericardial Tapping Treatment help?

The patient is relieved of pressure on the heart and chest. The patient will not continue to experience breathing problem, or other associated symptoms such as coughing and ches...

How is Pericardial Tapping Treatment done?

What are the benefit and risks of Pericardial Tapping procedure?

Pericardial Tapping is a very efficient technique to relieve pressure on the heart, but as any other heart surgery, it also has a few risks, which a patient must know about.

The advantages of Pericardial Tapping Treatment surgery are:

  • Relieves shortness of breath.
  • Helps in detecting infection and cancer.
  • Restores the normal functioning of the heart.

The risks associated with Pericardial Tapping Treatment are:

There is an attached risk for the patient to suffer from a shock, heart attack, lung collapse, infection, bleeding, or any puncture of the heart muscle.

In case the operation is not successful, more phases of surgery might be conducted to reduce the pressure caused due to the pericardium, or to drain out the fluid around the heart.

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