Capsule Endoscopy

What is Capsule Endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy is a medical process that is used to examine the small intestine. During this diagnostic test, the patient is asked to swallow a capsule that has an inbuilt camera. This camera captures endless pictures of the digestive organs, which are displayed on the computer screen.

How does Capsule Endoscopy Treatment help?

Capsule endoscopy is an approved procedure for examining oesophagus (muscular tube), stomach, proximal small bowel, and colon in human anatomy. It is a medical process done for ...

How is Capsule Endoscopy Treatment done?

What are the benefits and risks of Capsule Endoscopy Treatment procedure?

This revolutionary technique has made the examination of our internal organs extremely convenient. However, this technique has a few risks and limitations.

The advantages of Capsule Endoscopy Treatment procedure are:

  • It is painless and non-invasive.
  • The patient will not be required to stay in the hospital post procedure.
  • The process provides pictures of the entire small intestine, and therefore it is useful in f...

The risks associated with the Capsule Endoscopy Treatment procedure are:

The capsule sometimes stays inside our digestive tract and leads to pressure on the bowel. However, this risk is more troubling for patients who have a tumour or an existing blockage in the digestive tract. I...

The limitations of Capsule Endoscopy Treatment procedure are:

There is a serious limitation of blurred images during the rapid transmit. Since thousands of images are produced simultaneously, some abnormalities may go unnoticed. If there is any existing blockage in the small intes...

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