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At Medanta , we are equipped to handle crtically ill or injured patients with life threatening conditions

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5 Reasons why Medanta's emergency services are so effective

When some one experiences a serious injury or requires emergency surgery, the first thing you do is call an ambulance. But getting to the hospital is not all thats essential to ensure the patients survival and recovery. Whats's needed is constant care during evacuation, exceptional medical expertise, and comprehensive trauma care resources - all available immediately and round the clock. Here's how Medanta's emergency and Trauma care services are equipped to deliver all of it and more

We are a Level 1 trauma facility

Trauma Facility Centres are broadly classified into 5 levels on the basis of the quality of care they offer. Medanta is Level 1 Trauma Facility, the highest of all levels, as it has in-house surgical specialists and sub-specialists (surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists) available to treat even the most severe cases.

Triage is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatments based on the severity of their condition. It includes the following steps:

    • Patient assessment: As soon as the patient arrives, our first level medical staff, comprising of doctors as well as nurses, analyze the severity of the trauma.
    • Detailed diagnosis: Our specialized paramedics conduct scans and tests including blood test, CT Scan, MRI, etc., to assess the condition more precisely.
    • Severity segregation: On the basis of the test results, we separate the patients into categories ranging from the most critical to the least.
    • Multispecialty prognosis: Our team of specialists and surgeons from various departments collectively decide the course of treatment for these trauma patients once the process of segregation is finished.

Medanta has a team of specialized doctors who are available 24x7x365 in the hospital. This team includes the best trauma surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians and other specialists. Our dedicated on-site team ensures no valuable time is lost in ensuring the best possible treatment.

All diagnostics and labs are located close to the Emergency and Trauma Care to allow timely dispatch of samples from the trauma unit as well as prevent any delays in collection of test results.

We stabilize patients through specialized emergency care programmes

After evaluating the nature of an emergency, we treat patients through specialized care programmes. Through quick intervention by our experts, we are able to identify the patient’s condition and immediately begin treatment.

Heart Emergency Care Programme

  • Fastest cardia emergency care: We have an integrated Critical Cardiac Care unit for acute heart patients where diagnosis and treatment can be instituted within minutes. Our emergency and heart command center are integrated units and are co-located so that the travel time from where the patient arrives to the Heart Command Centre is minimal.
  • 1:1 Nursing: Our Nurse-Patient ratio is 1:1, which means that every patient is assigned a nurse, each, with their services dedicated solely towards their respective patients. This ensures that every patient is under supervision 24*7.
  • Well-trained staff to use high-end equipment: At Medanta, we have the most advance devices and monitors including Cardiac monitors, Ventilators, Defibs and IABP machines, alongside every bed in the Emergency, used to treat patients suffering from different heart ailments. We have teams of doctors as well as paramedics, especially trained to use these equipment, making Medanta’s cardiac emergency care programme equivalent to the best in the world.

Stroke Emergency Care Programme

  • Stroke code: Medanta has established a dedicated stroke hotline and stroke protocol. As soon as a patient with a brain emergency arrives, a stroke code is activated. This code alerts the team of eight specialists, especially trained to handle such emergencies. The patient is given highest priority on casualty and appropriate treatment, depending on the nature of the stroke, is provided.
  • Colored CT & Thrombolysis: Medanta is one of the few hospitals across the nation that performs thrombolysis, following a colored CT Scan. A colored CT establishes the damaged portion of the brain more distinctively, enabling our stroke team as well as the neuro-intervention team to treat the patients more efficiently.
  • Fastest stroke emergency care: From the stage of triaging, wherein a stroke patient is first assessed on arrival up to the stage of treatment, Medanta is the fastest in providing emergency care. We, at Medanta, understand the importance of time in case of neuro emergencies and hence, our entire team works together to ensure the fastest possible treatment to the patient.

Trauma Care Programme

  • In-house trauma team: Most common trauma cases include a single or multiple injuries caused due to road accidents or falling from above 3 meters. We have a trauma team, comprising of Critical Care Specialists, Orthopedics and Neurosurgeons as well as Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons available 24*7 to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment of any such traumas.
  • ABCDE Survey: Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability or neurological Damage are checked for and the patient is Exposed for detailed diagnosis.

We're equipped to handle any kind of emergency

Our emergency units are assembled in a manner to have experts from various departments work collaboratively on each patient.

24x7 Emergency Rescue Team

Medanta’s Emergency Rescue Team is available 24*7 to respond to distress calls and pick up patients from outside of the hospital premises as well as attend to those who arrive in a critical condition.

  • We have a 24*7 in-house availability of dedicated emergency and trauma super specialist doctors
  • Our ambulances are equipped with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Systems, manned by healthcare professionals especially trained to use them

Specialized Infrastructure

Medanta has an advance and a wide ranging infrastructure to support all kinds of emergencies.

    • Our ER unit includes over twenty Emergency Beds, eighteen Heart Command Critical Care beds and two Emergency Operating Rooms as part of the ER complex. XX beds in the ICU
    • We have a dedicated trauma & triage base, fully equipped with high-end devices and monitoring equipment
    • Our ER unit is in close proximity to CT, X Ray lab and other diagnostics to ensure timely availability of diagnostic test results

Standard Operating System ( SOP's)

  • Door to Balloon: Door-to-balloon is the time taken from emergency walk-in of a patient to balloon angioplasty. The lesser the door-to-balloon time is, the better are the chances of the patient’s recovery. Our door-to-balloon time of 30 minutes is comparable to the best across the world.
  • Door to Needle: Door-to-needle is the time from the arrival of a patient with a neuro emergency to the time of administration of drugs, following a CT. At Medanta, our average door-to-needle time is approximately 30 minutes while in some cases; we have also managed to perform the entire procedure less than 10 minutes.

Ambulance & Care outside the Hospital Support

All our ambulances are well furnished mobile ICUs, consisting of a critical care physician, a rescue nurse along with additional specialists. Our ICU on wheels has 24x7 communication access to on-site team of super specialists in the hospital. This enables Medanta to begin treating most critical cases even before they reach the hospital.

Gear for Emergency

The ambulances at Medanta are equipped with up-to-date life support systems. According to the condition of the patient, a customised ambulance is sent on-scene.

  • ACLS ambulances: Our Advance Critical Life Support ambulances are equipped to provide fast and safe transportation of patient from the spot. The advance life saving equipments in our ambulance helps stabilize a patient before reaching the hospital. The equipment includes:
    Multi Parameter Monitor
    Intra – Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)
    We are in advance stages of installing ECMO as well in our ambulances.
  • Treatment begins at the scene: Our emergency and trauma care department believes in providing right care at the right time. Our well-trained emergency staff can start treatment on the spot to stabilize the condition of the patient without any delay. In cases where accurate patient assessment can be made only at the hospital, the patient is swiftly moved to the hospital. This is achieved by the well coordinated emergency and trauma care department at Medanta.
  • Team of specialists: Our Emergency Base Station after gathering the basic and critical information about the patient’s condition takes a call on the team to be dispatched for the scene. A team of doctors, specialists, nurses, and paramedics is dispatched to cater to specific needs of the patient. In cardiac emergencies a team of a cardiologist, an anaesthetist, and a perfusionist can insert an Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) to stabilise the patient even before reaching the hospital.

Safest Patient Transfer

The emergency services at Medanta are provisioned to provide safest transfer. Every day our ambulances ferry numerous patients from home, airport, railway station, and other hospitals.

    • Inter-Hospital Patient Transfer: Medanta facilitates inter-hospital patient transfer for sick patients who need advance disease management. Our doctors coordinate with concerned doctors at other hospitals to decide pre-transfer stabilisation and preparation, mode of transfer, specialists and monitoring procedures. Special care is taken to maintain the continuity of treatment and protect the patient from any adverse events that may affect treatment outcome.
    • Domestic and International Transfers: Medanta offers services to transfer critically ill international patients from airports to the hospital. We provide transfers for domestic patients from airports and railway stations as well. Our Emergency Base Station ensures the transfer within the least possible time.
    • Level 1 Transfer Protocols: Medanta conforms to international patient safety protocols and best practices. All our staff are trained and certified in these protocols to ensure critically ill patients are exposed to minimal risks during transportation.

Always Prompt Response

Our ambulance services are accessible 24x7. We can be reached at dedicated helpline numbers to provide you with prompt services.

  • 24x7 on call: Our hospital can be reached round the clock through its helpline number +911244141414. We also have a fast dial number 1068 and a dedicated Emergency Base Station number +91 9560398953.
  • Coordinated Base Station: All our ambulances have on-board communication devices to maintain a constant contact with the Emergency Base Station comprising of emergency doctors, surgeons, and critical care experts. This enables us to deal with any contingency efficiently.
  • Distress Calls: In the cases of distress or urgent calls, an ambulance is dispatched within 10 minutes of receiving the call. This enables us to provide care to the patient at the right moment.

Air Ambulance Support

‘Flying Doctors India’ is first of its kind air ambulance facility initiated by Medanta – The Medicity, to provide an ICU in the sky. Experienced doctors, health professionals, pilots and administrators work together to provide advanced healthcare and medical evacuation services to the patients even at 30,000 feet.

More about Flying Doctors

One call to get moving

The Air Ambulance facility at Medanta is designed to evacuate from anywhere to any hospital.

    • All calls to our air ambulance service number are picked by 24x7 on call doctors experienced in critical care. The doctor on call assesses the patient condition and case history and reports and other clinical records online.
    • Based on the assessment of the patient condition and criticality, specialized team of doctors is dispatched.

Equipment on board

Our medical air ambulance services are of global standards and we take pride in saying that we save lives and provide valued air ambulance services to the patients in need. The air ambulance is fully equipped with full-fledged emergency & trauma services to ensure the health safety of the patients. We provide ailment based specialty service, with Intra - Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) support in air as well. All the equipments are well calibrated air worthy equipments.

Fleet of Aircrafts

The Air Ambulance Support at Medanta uses world class aircrafts that are specifically designed for medical evacuation. Together with a team of highly qualified technicians and experienced pilots the team enables quick and timely medical evacuations in a manner that is extremely safe and comfortable for the patients. The fleet includes:

  • Pilatus PC 12
  • BeechCraft C90
  • KingAir B200
  • Citation Excel Jet

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