Walk-in Walk-out Treatments

Comfortable day care facilities for medical procedures that do not require overnight admissions

What is Day Care?

For many minor procedures or treatments, patients can avoid overnight hospitalisation. At Medanta we provide day care services for all kinds of surgeries, chemotherapy, endoscopy, preventive health programs and even certain types of outpatient antibiotic therapy. Our dedicated surgical daycare suite allows patients quick and efficient single point admission, treatment and discharge.

State of the art infrastructure dedicated only to day care surgery including dedicated daycare operation theatres and dedicated pre and post-operative wards.

All Day Care procedures are done by qualified,  highly experienced and dedicated doctors assisted by specialised technicians and nurses.

Doctors are available from all specialities to attend to patients. Patients can go home a few hours after their treatment.

Eliminates hospital admission, reduces the total time spent in the hospital and saves cost.

What we can achieve in a day?

Our focus is to help patients get back to their daily life within a few hours. We achieve this by providing treatment procedures that are quick, efficient and do not require the patient to be admitted to the hospital. Our Day Care centres are designed to help you get back home faster and in the best possible health.

  • Surgeries

    Day Care surgeries are for patients who require a surgical procedure without an overnight admission to the hospital. Depending on the procedure, some patients will require an overnight stay (in-patients) and some patients will be able to return home the same day (out-patients).

  • Chemotherapy

    Medanta’s state-of-the-art Chemotherapy Day Care is located on the 10th floor and provides patients with a comfortable and relaxing environment to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Our round-the-clock oncologists and trained onco-nurses are happy to answer all questions from patients related to side-effects, dosages, and after-chemo care.

  • Outpatient Dialysis

    The Dialysis Centre at Medanta provides dialysis services featuring real-time, online monitoring and tracking to all the patients in a comfortable, home-like facility. In addition to on-site nephrologists, our staff includes registered nurses, certified chronic haemodialysis technicians and renal dieticians. The unique design of the unit optimises the staff's ability to observe patients while preserving quietness and sense of privacy for patients.

  • Endoscopy

    Endoscopy Day Care at Medanta performs examinations of the stomach and digestive system for outpatients. GI endoscopy is used to identify many different conditions ulcers, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), and Precancerous abnormalities.

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