Squint Surgery

What is Squint Eye Surgery?

Squint, medically known as Strabismus, is a condition where the motion of the eyes is not synchronised and the eyes point in a different direction, mostly opposite to each other. Squint eye surgery is a common process to treat squint. In this process muscles inside and outside of the eyes are tightened and the normal motion of the eyes is restored. 

How does Squint Eye Surgery help?

Squint eye surgery becomes extremely important when the eye show no response to the exercises and medications. The surgery works best for children and infants with delicate eyes...

How is Squint Eye Surgery done?

What are the benefit and risks of Squint Eye Surgery procedure?

Squint eye surgery is a delicate procedure and comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of Squint Eye Surgery are:

Benefits of squint eye surgery are manifold and differ from person to person. Other than correcting the alignment of movement of the eyes, squint eye surgery can eliminate eye conditions such as double visions, eyestrain, or fatigue. Squint eye su...

The risks associated with Squint Surgery are:

As any other surgery, squint eye surgery is also surrounded by some risks. Probable risks involve reactions to anaesthesia, dizziness, diminishes brain functions, pneumonia, etc. The most common risk is the failure of the surgery, and double v...

The limitations of the surgery are:

  • The need of subsequent surgery.
  • Loss of vision.

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