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From Cataract to Contoura Vision LASIK surgeries, the Ophthalmology division at Medanta, is designed to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eyecare, which is aimed to the protection, preservation, enhancement, and restoration of vision, for any age group. The eye department strives to offer sophisticated diagnostic and microsurgical equipment, with latest technology. The skilled multidisciplinary team of eye doctors at Medanta give individual attention and treat each patient for optimum outcome.

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What we treat?

At the Medanta division of Ophthalmology, our efforts, time and expertise is dedicated to delivering best possible care to the eyes of our patients.

Our approach to treat you

The division of Ophthalmology at Medanta, with the help of sophisticated technology and skilled doctors, aims at making the patient’s recovery quick and comfortable. Our priority is the comfort of our patients and we work towards ensuring that t...

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Utilize latest technology

  • Cataract Suite at Medanta

    This state of the art, world class surgical suite, delivers Femtosecond laser assisted bladeless cataract surgery, making the results accurate and precise. The Verion image guided system, LenSx laser, and Centurion Phacoemulsification at Medanta, are developed in California, USA and are top notch cutting edge technology for cataract surgery. The premium lenses implanted at Medanta, help you lead a new life, without the need for spectacles in most cases.

  • Contura Vision LASIK

    By providing the most accurate and precise laser vision correction, this US FDA approved world class technology at Medanta, is among the best available for removal of spectacles. Medanta is one of the first to get this technology in India. The Wavelight Refractive Suite at Medanta, is powerful and versatile for most refractive errors of the eye.

  • The Constellation Vitrectomy system

    The Constellation Vitrectomy system and the Pure Point laser, at the Vitreo-Retinal Surgery facility in Medanta is among the best in the world. Using this cutting edge, super-specialized Retinal surgical technology Medanta is well equipped in treating complex Retinal Detachment and Diabetic Retinopathy cases.

  • 3D printed ocular and oculofacial prosthesis

    3D printed ocular and oculofacial prosthesis is used for rehabilitation of patients post enucleation and exenteration for better cosmetic outcomes

    Also soon to be launched is the Ocular Brachytherapy program for treatment of ocular tumors like melanomas, vasoproliferative tumors and recurrent retinoblastomas. This will be the second facility in North India to offer this specialized treatment for these type of patients.

Avail advanced treatment and procedures

  • Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

    Vitreo-Retinal Surgery is an advanced procedure for surgical disorders of the retina – such as Retinal Detachment. At Medanta, the Retina Team is routinely performing this skilled surgery in addition to treating Macular holes by Macular hole surgery, vitreous hemorrhage by Vitrectomy.

  • Medical Retina procedures

    Medical Retina procedures are performed in Medanta for medical conditions of Retina. They include diagnostic procedures like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Fundus Flourescein Angiography (FFA). Macular edema commonly due to diabetes, or vein occlusion; and neovascular ARMD are treated using Intravitreal Injections inside the eye, by dedicated trained Retinal physician doctors.

  • Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus services

    Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus services at Medanta are specially tuned for examining children (and adults). Equipment such as pediatric vision charts (Cardiff, teller, and Key symbols), stereoacuity charts including TNO and Frisby Davis distance (FD2) and portable child friendly digital ophthalmoscopes are available. For squint workup, equipment including advanced synoptophore and specialized Hess chart is available.

  • Neuro-ophthalmology

    Neuro-ophthalmology at Medanta takes help from specialized equipment including the Golmann perimeter and state of the art Octopus 900 perimeter for visual fields. Electrophysiology such as visual evoked response (VER) is available in liaison with the institute of neurology. A comprehensive neuro-ophthalmology setup with digital charts for contrast sensitivity and other visual function testing is available. For patients with low vision, rehabilitation services in the form of latest low vision aids, both optical and digital, are available.

  • Oculoplasty and Aesthetics

    The department of Orbit and oculoplasty at Medanta deals with the management of various disorders of the orbit, eyelids and lacrimal system. Surgical treatment is available for diseases of the eyelid like eyelid drooping (ptosis) and abnormal position of the eyelid (entropion and ectropion). Orbit, the bony cavity which houses the eye can be involved in tumors and inflammation. In our department we offer minimally invasive surgeries (orbitotomy) for removal of these tumors. Medical and surgical management is available for Graves orbitopathy for thyroid patients in conjunction with the endocrinologists. Cases of chronic watering and dacryocystitis can be managed by dacryocystorhinostomy  which can be either done by external or endoscopic  approach. Socket reconstruction for various grades of contracted sockets is also available followed by rehabilitation and fitting of an ocular prosthesis by an experienced ocularist.

  • Glaucoma services

    Glaucoma services at Medanta use the latest equipment for best diagnosis and management including the Octopus 900 perimeter for visual fields and spectral domain  OCT (optical coherence tomography). The best laser machines are used for performing glaucoma laser in the form of a peripheral iridotomy or laser trabeculoplasty. Surgical therapy includes options of the traditional trabeculectomy to the most contemporary valve and drainage device implantation.

  • Low Vision Rehabilitation

    Visual rehabilitation is a specialized branch of ophthalmology. While doctors at Medanta try their level best to provide you a good visual outcome, sometimes it may not be possible to regain a good vision. For these rare but unfortunate situations, an expert team of doctors provide a comprehensive low vision rehabilitation service.

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