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The department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at Medanta combines the finest technology and manpower for correcting various kinds of voice disorders and performs advanced procedures such as phonosurgery and laryngology. The division is equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide the best p...

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At the Medanta Division of ENT and Head Neck surgery, the expertise and research of the highly qualified doctors enable the patients to successfully overcome long-plaguing conditions affecting ear, nose, tongue, head and neck.

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The ENT and Head Neck Surgery Department of Medanta house all the technologies that are required to take care of all kinds of ear, nose, and throat emergencies. The highly qualified surgeons and doctors are available round the clock to provide the...

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Our highly qualified team of ENT & head neck specialists along with the latest technology ensures best possible treatment to the patients suffering from various diseases associated with ear, nose, throat, head and neck.

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Voice Clinic

There is a premier voice clinic in the department to take care of all kinds of voice disorders that might emerge. The clinic provides comprehensive care to patients at accessible prices, ensuring they walk out of the clinic with smiling faces.

Head and Neck Clinic

In an effort to provide the patients with supreme care for head and neck associated disorders, the clinic was initiated. It provides information about the associated diseases, and manages and treats them with success.

Cochlear Implant Clinic

Our team includes experienced audiologists, surgeons, psychologists and others, who are dedicated to providing the most advanced technology and the best, most comprehensive care.

Vertigo Clinic

is a very specialized  and complete clinic for diagnosis and treatment of VERTIGO. It is the only one of a kind in India which  is equipped with all types of contemporary diagnostics and therapeutic gadgetry and technical manpower required for managing hearing and balance disorders.


This clinic specialises in diagnosis and medication of the conditions like chronic sinusitis, nasal obstructions, allergic rhinitis and anatomic & congenital nasal problems. The doctors work together as a team to provide the patient with the best treatment plans.

Swallowing Clinic

Utilize cutting-edge technology

  • Surgitouch Co2 Lumenis Laser

    This technology is the international standard for ENT treatment and is one of the latest laser technologies. Medanta is one of the few institutes in India that has acquired this technology. This laser is used for oral cavity, benign or malignant laryngeal lesions, nasal & ear lesions and laryngotracheal stenosis.

  • Videostroboscopy

    It is a device to study the free edge of the vocal cord and identify subtle vocal cord lesions. The technology has been acquired from Germany and has been of great help till date.

  • BERA

    The technology works with 98% sensitivity, and is quite helpful tool for screening hearing loss in infants and children. It helps picking up early onset of hearing loss. This technology was acquired with an aim to start universal hearing screening programme.

  • Audiology

    Medanta is equipped with the latest generation impedance and audiometry equipment from GSI.

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