Dr. Kunjahari Medhi

Senior Director Medical Oncology & Hemato-Oncology Medical and Haemato Oncology , Cancer Institute



Trained in Oncology and cancer management from the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi.

Former Senior Research Associate (SRA) in Medical Oncology in AIIMS, New Delhi under CSIR, HRDG (Govt of India)

Trained on Clinical Research at Oxford University (UK) as INDOX Fellow.

Dr K Medhi is Senior Director Medical Oncology & Hemato-oncology at Medanta, Gurugram. He practices both solid tumor Oncology and Hematolymphoid Oncology in both adults and pediatric patients. His area of expertise is diagnosis and systemic cancer management including all chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy,  hormonal therapy, biological therapy etc.

Trained at IIM, Ahmedabad on “Practice management ” under Executive management program. 

Trained at ISB, Hyderabad on “Leadership in Healthcare management “. 

Medical Qualifications

DM (Medical Oncology)All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi2007
MDS. N. Medical College, Agra (India)2002
MBBS (Gold Medal)Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh (India)1996

Specialization and Expertise

  • Chemotherapy for all cancers
  • Immunotherapy & Targeted chemotherapy
  • All solid cancers and Hematological cancers (Blood cancers- Leukemias, Lymphomas & Myeloma) management.

Memberships & Certifications

  • Lifetime member of ISMPO
  • Lifetime member of AONEI
  • Member of ASCO
  • Trained at IIM, Ahmedabad on "Practice management"
  • Trained at ISB, Hyderabad on "Leadership in Healthcare management "

Awards & Accomplishments

  • "Pratishruti Oncology Consultant Award" in 2022 for the distinguished services in cancer care by Pratishruti Cancer & Palliative Care Trust of ASSAM.
  • "Best Oncologist of the Year" Award in 2020 by "My Brand Better" for excellence in cancer treatment. 
  •  "Oncologist of the Year" Award in 2015 for excellence in cancer treatment by "Brand Achiever".
  • J R Srivastava Gold Medal in Pediatrics for the best Research paper .
  • Gold Medal in MBBS in Assam Medical College (Dibrugarh university)
  • Honours in Biochemistry and obstetrics & Gynecology in MBBS (Dibrugarh University)
  • Blue Star Foundation cash Award for securing highest marks in ENT in Final MBBS (Dibrugarh University)


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