Patient story on Hyperparathyroidism: A Multispeciality Teamwork!



Mrs X, a 53 year old female presented in the Department of Endocrinology for consultation with Dr Ambrish Mithal with symptoms of vague aches and backache  since the last 5 years. She was clinically diagnosed as Primary Hyperparathyroidism. On Biochemical investigation, her Serum Calcium was elevated to 10.9 mg/Dl and Serum PTH Parathyroid Hormone was elevated to 173.7 pg/ML. She had a couple of periodic Sestamibi Scans done to localize the diseased parathyroid nodule, but were negative and unsuccessful in localizing the sick gland. A few ultrasounds done outside Medanta, failed to localize the abnormal gland.


Mrs X was then referred to Dr Alka Singhal in the Department of Radiology at Medanta for a dedicated Ultrasound Scan using Colour Doppler to evaluate the neck for the parathyroid glands. The enlarged left inferior parathyroid nodule, which was only about 9 mm size, was localized using the skill, knowledge and experience of the Radiologist using the state of art ultrasound equipment available at Medanta.


With this successful localization, Mrs X was now referred to Dr Deepak Sarin in The Department of Head and Neck Oncosurgery at Medanta, where a minimally invasive surgery, focussed left inferior parathyroidectomy was performed, and the abnormal parathyroid gland was successfully removed.


Mrs X’s Serum Parathyroid Hormone levels returned to normal levels. Her Serum Calcium returned to normal levels. The improvement on her health was incredible.


On a regular follow up with the Endocrinology team, she has been completely cured of the disease


It is an Intergrated Superspeciality Team Effort at Medanta which offers complete cure to the patient. Our  talented and experienced doctors along with state of art equipment make this Institution unique.