Connect with the ones that have faced your fears

A million questions running through your mind?

What about my treatment, surgery, medicines and side-effects? There have been others before you who have faced this challenge and beat the odds.

Find stories of patients like you that fought the same disease or face the same problems.

Meet a patient like you

Share your experience with other patients like you and draw inspiration from their stories.

Join a support group

Were you a patient at Medanta?

You can now help other patients like you clear their doubts and fears about recovery

Why join a Support group ?

There’s more than one reason.

You aren’t alone

Meeting people with similar concerns as you is sure to offer you a feeling of relief. In fact, the more people you with the same issues as you, the better you understand those issues.

Expression is healing

Support groups will help you find people who listen to and understand your feelings without making any judgements. Sharing is therapy in itself. Especially when you’re being praised for your openness and courage.

Learn from experiences

Apart from practical tips to deal with your problems, a support group will also help you grasp specific coping skills. In fact, you’ll get to learn from how others in the groups moved forward in their recovery.

Help others like you

Support groups are not all about you. You can be part of someone else’s recovery story too. Whether you share your successes or support others with theirs; you’ll be helping another soul get better.

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