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OT Technicians

Working closely with surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses, OT technicians are the backbone of all pioneering and routine surgeries at Medanta. Their main responsibility is to proveide technical assistance to surgical teams, prepare the OTs for surgeries and managing instruments, supplies, equipments, while adhering to strictest protocols for infection control. Medanta's advanced OTs, equipped with latest technologies like O-Arm and Artis Zeego provides technicians with hands-on experience to operate the latest equipment. Being a high-volume, multi-superspeciality tertiary care hospital for complex and specialised surgeries like organ transplants, OT technicians gain unparalleled quality of work experience at Medanta.

Laboratory Technicians

Medanta's Laboratory Medicine, Pathology and Blood Bank Division is a JCI, NABH and NABL-accredited state-of-the-art center to provide comprehensive diagnostic support for patient care. Highly trained and motivated laboratory staff along with highly qualified and experienced faculty manage fully automated analyzers that provide accurate results in the shortest possible time. Lab technicians work in high-volume, technically-advanced specialized teams such as Histopathology, Cytopathology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Blood Bank.

Radiology Technicians

Radiographers at Medanta have the opportunity to get hands-on experience across latest radio-diagnostic technologies such as CT Scan, 3 Tesla MRI, X-Ray DR System, Mamogram, DEXA, PET CT and C-Arm -- all in one place. Working in close conjunction with seasoned doctors, there is focus on continuous learning, aided by Medanta's strong infrastructure. There is special emphasis on radiation safety for patients as well as radiographers.


Physiotherapists at Medanta use the most modern equipment, available at few other centers in India to provide preventive, restorative and rehabilitative treatment to patients. The list of advanced equipment includes leg strengthening and leg suction machines, steppers, isokinetic devices and treadmills. Being multispeciality hospital, Medanta helps physiotherapists gain experience in providing therapy to both adult and paediatric patients referred from various specialities like the Heart Institute and Institute of Neurosciences.


The role of a dietician at Medanta is to primarily prepare therapeutic diet plans for both IPD and OPD patients based on their specific disease conditions and individual food preference. A major part of the responsibility is to teach the patient and family about appropriate diet and to gauge progress. Dieticians have the opportunity to become experts in specific specialities like liver transplant, oncology and diabetes. They receive in-house training and mentoring to be successful in these specialised roles.

Medical Physicists

Medical Physicists are healthcare professionals who work in Radiation Oncology, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine departments. At Medanta, Medical Physicists working in Radiation Oncology are primarily involved in treatment planning, optimisation and execution of radiation treatment an­­d radiation safety. They perform acceptance testing, commissioning, quality assurance and optimised clinical use of medical devices. In Nuclear Medicine, physicist work on the proper usage and administration of radioisotopes for treatment of certain diseases and radiation safety.


Medanta has one of the largest pharmacies in North India with very high daily transaction load. It provides pharmacists with very good work experience on pharmacy-related operations on both the Clinical and Administrative roles. Clinical pharamcists audit prescriptions and provide invaluable support to patient care teams in medication management. In Administrative roles, pharmacists help with store management, supply chain and medical reconciliation among other things.

What Makes Medanta a Unique Workplace for Paramedics?

The Best Place to Launch a Career in Paramedics

At par with International standards, Medanta is committed to supporting technicians from day one of their career journey.

Focus on Academics and Research

We provide ample opportunity for educational development and learning while encouraging staff to publish research papers.

A Challenging and Growth-oriented Environment

Our culture is conducive to growth and we support our staff in taking on new and challenging cases.

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