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One Dynamic Nursing Team. Several Opportunities.

Where Do You Fit In ?

Rinsophy Hongvah

Senior Staff Nurse, OT, Medanta Gurugram

Medanta is very well structured. It is one of the best hospitals to take care of patients and also increase learning. After working and learning here I can confidently spread my wings and fly high.

Roziya Sharma

Nursing Supervisor, ICU - CTVS, Medanta Gurugram

I am very thankful to be working in Medanta with the Cardiac team. Special thanks to my Nursing Director, Dr.Trehan and Dr. Yatin Mehta. I have been part of the Medanta family for the last 10 years. I truly learnt and internalised teamwork and ownership here. I have been able to train my juniors to imbibe the same.

Athira Baiju

Staff Nurse, Emergency, Medanta Gurugram

In Medanta I gained good experience while working under excellent supervision. Medanta provides us with frequent training about the new and latest techniques and technologies in the health sector. We get abundant opportunities to perform and prove ourselves in critical situations.

Nikita Pandit

Chemotherapy Administration Nurse, IPD - 10B, Medanta Gurugram

Hospitals in my native place are not so technologically advanced as Medanta. Oncology has exposed me to advanced levels of patient care. We have a five-step verification process before Chemo, which is very extensive and eliminates any possible errors. Prime importance is patient safety which comes from medication safety.

Neha Bhatia

Senior Staff Nurse, OPD, Medanta Gurugram

Assessing and guiding patients in OPD exposed me to a different world of experiences -- educating patients about health and self-care. Dealing with different patients and their temperaments have made me stronger to deal with any situation calmly. After all, they are patients in need of care!


Senior Staff Nurse, Infection Control, Medanta Gurugram

I never knew that a human body hosts 100 trillion organisms. Thanks to Medanta's focus on Infection Control, I not only learned about the normal flora but also the pathogenic organisms. I also got the opportunity to educate thousands of staff about preventing infections and stopping cross-contamination during my tenure in Medanta.

What Makes Medanta a Unique
Workplace for Nurses?

Focus on Training and In-service Education

As our hospital grows, we want our nurses to grow with us, so we provide continuous opportunities for learning.

Safe and empowering work environment

We provide an atmosphere of trust and empowerment and ensure all our nurses feel secure.

Work life balance

We employ the highest standards of organisation and planning to ensure that nurses are not overburdened and workload is distributed evenly.

Employee Benefits

Medanta provides well-furnished hostels for its female employees, complete with all necessary amenities, a mess and round-the-clock security. The hostels are just a short distance away from the hospital.

Nurses staying at the hostel can avail free pick and drop service to the hospital. A free shuttle service is also available to all employees from the hospital to the nearest metro station.

Medanta provides free medical consultation for employees, their spouse, unmarried or unemployed dependent children and parents. Employees can also avail discounts on diagnostics, health checks, medicines and in-house OPD facilities.

Medanta kitchen is one-of-its-kind, servicing 8000 patients and 5000 staff, visitor meals per day. Employees can choose from a variety of delicious, hygienic food in breakfast, lunch and dinner at subsidised rates.

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