Built By Doctors, For Doctors

Why is Medanta the Prime Workplace for Doctors?

Fully equipped ICUs, advanced OTs, globally benchmarked procedures and pioneering medical technologies like CyberKnife are some of the many tools at your disposal in Medanta to help you offer your best to your patients.

A career at Medanta will allow you to work with and be mentored by highly accomplished doctors and surgeons, trailblazers in their respective fields.

Efficient tertiary healthcare delivery and cross-speciality collaboration on complex cases is aided by the in-house expertise of multiple super-speciality teams within Medanta.

At Medanta, you are empowered to deliver the best treatment for your patients in the most ethical way, with complete support from all teams in the hospital.

Enabling a Culture of Innovative Excellence

Medanta's goal to deliver world-class, holistic and affordable healthcare is achieved by empowering the brightest minds in Medicine with access to world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking research opportunities to deliver best-in-class medical outcomes.

Great infrastructure is the foundation for best-in-class medical treatment. Medanta is internationally renowned for providing integrated medical services to more than a million people over the years. The entire hospital is one unit with specialised, dedicated floors offering the most suitable treatment by a cross-functional, cross-specialisation committee of renowned doctors.


The institute is built to provide connectivity between doctors and patients, spanning across 2.1 million sq. ft, with 48 elevators and 90,000 sq. ft. of lobby space to accommodate 35,000+ daily visitors.


Our Critical Care Unit comprises experts in Anaesthesiology, Surgery, Respiratory Therapy, and Critical Care Nurse Practices. All our speciality rooms are highly-equipped with stringent infection control and isolation protocols with 300 Huntleigh ICU beds with anti bed sores technology, 39 Operation Theatres, dedicated ICU for different sub-specialities, and window view for all beds to reduce ICU psychosis.

Our seamless, cutting-edge technologies ensure exceptional care is delivered to all our patients. From the use of Virtual Reality Immersive technologies to non-invasive surgical technologies like the Cyberknife our focus is to use groundbreaking clinical technologies to provide optimal outcomes to our patients.


EMR, a mobile application that allows expert medical care from any device, anytime, anywhere, to our Telemedicine facilities (the eClinic) that provides top-notch healthcare from the comfort of your home, our clinical process management solutions help clinicians achieve zero error and improve workflow and processes.

Our other cutting-edge technologies include

  • Tomotherapy

  • Cataract Suite

  • 256 Slice CT

  • Spine Suite with Integrated Navigation System

  • Brain Suite

  • Intra-Operative Imaging OT

  • Da Vinci Robot for Minimal Invasive Surgery

  • Artis- Zeego Endovascular Surgical Cath Lab

  • Four Linear Accelerators (provision for IGRT/ IMRT)

  • Integrated Brachytherapy Unit

  • Virtual Reality Lab

Our team of specialists scour the globe for the best medical practices to ensure Medanta is at the cutting-edge of international medical practices. You will be hands-on with some of the most advanced technologies from around the world with state-of-the-art tools to carry out industry first accomplishments like -

  • Brain pacemaker surgeries
  • India’s first customized 3D-printed vertebra
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery on 98 year old patient
  • World’s first and maximum number of robotic renal transplants
  • First minimally invasive heart valve repair through the MitraClip procedure in India  
  • First intestinal transplant in India
  • First cement-less Total Knee Replacement with Titanium Nitride (TiNi) implant
  • India’s first prostate seed implant by volumetric arc therapy for early-stage prostate cancer

Medanta encourages clinicians to pursue research alongside their practice. Doctors work closely with Medanta Institute for Education and Research (MIER) as well as national and international collaborators like the Johns Hopkin's Hospital to conduct research across a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Stem Cell therapies to treat foot ulcers to end-stage cardiac diseases.

Our doctors are constantly engaged in pioneering research in fields like

  • Metabolomics
  • Stents
  • Statin Therapy
  • Impact of Genetics on Heart Disease
  • Medanta Vattikutti Technique- a robotic technique for donor nephrectomies
  • EECP therapy for heart failure patients
  • Protocols for in-patient Hypoglycemia Management

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