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Rajiv Sikka

Vice President - IT, Medanta Gurugram

At Medanta, we believe that Information technology has the power to solve the healthcare delivery problems of today and tomorrow. To further this goal, We have identified the below technologies due to their vast and diverse use cases applications.

  1. IOT (Internet of Things)
  2. Big Data
  3. AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  4. VR / AR (Virtual/Augmented Reality)
  5. Robotics

We believe that such technologies will enable us to collect and identify important data points and process large and complex amounts of data to achieve our goals of improving patient care, heightening efficiencies and reducing costs of medical delivery. 

Amit Chaudhery

Chief - Brand & Communications, Medanta Gurugram

Medanta's Brand & Communications team is responsible for creating, enhancing, and sustaining our organization’s reputation quotient. What we do requires a deep understanding of medicine, processes and other nuances that contribute to making Medanta a leader in quality healthcare. 

The team comprises of five verticals, each run by a head.


  1. The Digital Marketing stream manages all virtual aspects including the website, online advertising and partnerships, content, social media and reputation management.
  2. The PR vertical manages thought leadership, media, public affairs, issues and crisis, as well as content, internal/external communication and overall brand resonance.
  3. The Design vertical is an in-house studio which creates, documents and retains all collateral material, signage, branding, advertising creative, direct marketing tools.
  4. Electronic & Video creates broadcast as well as narrowcast video led initiatives.
  5. The Events vertical manages internal as well as external events. Collectively, we pursue the brief of overarching communications and also partner with a variety of clinical as well as corporate functions to address their needs as a strategic partner. 

Sukesh Thareja

Vice President - Marketing, Medanta Gurugram

The Role of Healthcare Sales & Marketing function is quite synonymous with Patient Care. While the key task of this team is to communicate the healthcare products & services to the masses, it also acts as an important bridge between patients, clinicians and other support functions so that the overall cycle of getting treatment becomes easier and hassle-free.

With an endeavour to increase the Healthcare Services footprints, this team works closely with various channels & stakeholders like.

  1.  Private Corporates
  2. Public Sector Units ( PSU’s )
  3. Central & State Government Organizations
  4. Insurance Companies
  5. TPA’s
  6. Primary & Secondary Healthcare Centers
  7. Private Practitioners & Healthcare Providers
  8. Associations, RWA’s & NGO’s

With an aim to disseminate knowledge on wellness and preventive healthcare, team marketing works closely on the ground so as to connect directly with the public at large through Health Camps, Health Talks and other Community Outreach Programs.

Focusing on Universal Healthcare, we also carry out multiple Outreach Clinics with our Senior Super Specialists for our patients who need to be screened near their respective homes.

Virender Singh Gehlot

Chief - Security & Fire Services, Medanta Gurugram

The security department at Medanta, across its group hospitals, plays a critical role in managing the day to day operations of the hospitals and provide a safe and secure environment to its patients, visitors, clinicians, nursing, paramedics, admin staff and other stakeholders.

At its flagship facility at Gurugram, the Security and Operations team covers an area of 43 acres (with a built-up area of 2 million sq feet) encompassing ICUs, Emergency, OTs, IPD wards, OPDs, Admin, Public areas and other facilities. The security team smoothly handles a footfall of 25000 people, including visitors, OPD/IPD patients, employees and other associated partners as well as the vehicular movement of 2500 vehicles that visit the hospital on a given day.

We are also pioneers in implementing state of the art systems for access control, visitors management, material in/out management and surveillance and vigilance making us industry leaders in safety and security.

Sandeep Bassi

General Manager - Laundry, Medanta Gurugram

The Medanta laundry has been operational non-stop, 24x7 since the hospital was established. The department processes and disinfects a staggering  11,000 to 13,000 kg of clothes for our patients and staff every day.

Our key responsibilities at Medanta's Laundry department are to: 

  1. Efficiently and effectively process all the soiled linen and uniforms that our stakeholders (patients and staff) use through the day.
  2. Ensure that all stakeholders have perennial access to clean and disinfected clothes when and where they need them so that we can keep our hospital free of any contagious infections or dangerous outbreaks. 

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