Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumours

Why Radiation Therapy for a Brain Tumours?

Radiation therapy for brain tumours is a treatment to destroy or stop brain tumour growth. The treatment uses external beam radiation to target and kill the cancerous cells.


How does it help?

It is a safe option as it only targets specific areas and minimises chances of damaging normal cells. It is given in measured doses and with clinical precision so that there is ...

How is it done?

What are the benefits and risks of this procedure?

The therapy effectively kills the cancerous cells, but as any other surgery, it also has a few risks and limitations, which can be minimised with the help of medications.

The therapy is really helpful when a patient cannot undergo surgery. It is also used post neurosurgery to kill remaining tumour cells. It prevents recurrence of tumour cells and slows down the growth. Besides destroying cancer cells, radiation therapy also helps in symptom management.  It is a p...

Temporary effects post-treatment include weakness, fatigue, hair loss, nausea, brain swelling, and skin reaction. There is also a probability of blood clot formation in the patient’s leg, which hurt the leg, foot, and ankle as a result.

Sometimes the radiation can alter the brain tissues. Small blood vessels can experience blockage, reducing the supply of oxygen to a portion of the brain. The patient may experience mild to serious cognitive disabilities. It may include unclear thoughts, difficulty in remembering things, feeling ...

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