Ayurvedic Medicine

About the Speciality

At Medanta, the latest that the technology has to offer works in synergy with the time-tested practice of Ayurveda. Our Department of Integrative Medicine uses science and technology to integrate Ayurveda with modern medicine. This fusion offers therapeutic benefits is continually working to identify, assess and personalise the immense wealth of medical knowledge offered by Ayurveda for patient care and health promotion. Through as per Ayurveda and co-relating the information to the genetic makeup of a person, Medanta Executive Health Check-up strives to predict diseases and offer preventive interventions and lifestyle modifications. 

What we treat?

At Medanta, we strive to provide medical care to patients at an affordable cost. Integrative medicine offers way to complement advanced technology with time-tested system of traditional medicine for following diseases:

Our approach to treat you

At Medanta, Department of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Therapies is dedicated to complement latest technology with traditional medicine and Yoga. We modern day technology can help in the treatment of severe diseases, traditional medicines can...

Avail advanced treatment and procedures

  • Ayurvedic Supplements

    Ayurvedic supplements can be taken in a lot of forms such as powder, tablets, teas, and jams. The Ayurvedic herbs can also be applied as soaps, massage, oil, and pastes. Ayurvedic treatments today are used for numerous diseases, and also in helping everyone lead a healthy, longer life.

  • Yoga

    The main aim of yoga is to provide a person with a healthy body and a healthy mind. Yoga also helps explore a person’s spiritual side. It creates an excellent balance of the mind, body, and soul, keeping a person healthy overall. Yoga helps cure a lot of problems including major diseases like Parkinson’s, diabetes, rheumatic fever, and also helps in quick recovery post cardiac operations, and cancer treatments.

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