3.0 Tesla MRI

What is 3.0 Tesla MRI?

An MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging) is a scanning process that produces accurate and comprehensive images of the human body using a magnetic field, radio waves and a computer. Tesla (T) is a unit of measurement for the strength of the magnetic fiel...

What makes 3.0 Tesla MRI so unique?

The MAGNETOM Verio technology, used at Medanta, for MRI combines innovation, 3T magnetic strength, an open bore of 70cm and Tim+Dot technology.

The 3 Tesla MRI available at Medanta allows th...

How is it done?

What are the benefits & risks of this technology?

MRI scan is an impeccable, non-invasive and painless option to monitor the functioning of the body via images.

  • Increased image clarity revealed by 3T that is particularly beneficial for pathological conditions involving the brain, spine, and musculoskeletal system
  • The increased dimensional resolution of the 3T scanner allows for high-quality imaging of the blood vessels
  • 3.0 T

  • MRI has been shown to be extremely safe as long as proper safety precautions are taken. In general, the MRI procedure produces no pain and causes no known short-term or long-term tissue damage of any kind.
  • The powerful magnetic field of the scanner can attract certain metallic

How does Medanta provide care?

Medanta radiologists work with our orthopaedics, neurologists and other medical specialists to ensure that the highest standard of care is being offered to all our patients.  Our radiology team c...

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