Cancer Second Opinion

Be Sure of Your Diagnosis and Treatment

When dealing with cancer, the diagnosis, treatment and management is complex, and involves critical decision making. Getting a second opinion can help you feel more confident about your diagnosis and treatment plan.

There are many reasons why you may want to seek another opinion during the course of your treatment. Maybe you need another expert to validate the prescribed treatment, or you have a rare or unusual condition. Or your condition isn’t responding to the current treatment.

Taking the time to learn about your condition, and getting a second or third opinion is a reasonable approach. Proactive decision-making will give you a greater degree of control over your treatment. You should make informed decisions only after you have been thoroughly informed about your diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment options.

Get Cancer Second Opinion in 5 easy steps

Order Booking


Register yourself by entering the care giver or patient details.

Receive A Confirmation Call

Submit your medical reports and write your query

Fill all patient-related information. To upload, you can take pictures on your phone or submit scanned copies of your reports. If you face any issues, we will help you after your complete registration. Based on these reports your case summary will be prepared and shared with the team of experts for them to provide their opinion.

Sample Collection

Case Manager

Every case will be mapped to a Cancer Case Manager, who will guide you through the treatment plan and ensure that you have all the medical reports from our DMG team/ Tumor Board of specialists to respond with relevant advice.

Receive Report Over Email

Expert Oncologists Review

After document confirmation and payment confirmation, our highly experienced and trained oncologists work-in-coordination with the surgeons across departments and specialties to provide best possible care to the patient.

Receive Report Over Email

Receive you Expert Treatment Plan

Your Expert Treatment Plan will include personalized treatment recommendations, answers to your queries, and recommendations for further clinical examinations. You can access the report in your Medanta eClinic account.

Benefits of Medanta Cancer Second Opinion

  • FREE home sample collection

    World’ Best Team of Cancer Specialists

    The Cancer Institute at Medanta is established with a vision of being a one-stop destination for all cancer treatments. We offer holistic and integrated treatment by consolidating views of experts from Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Oncology. We specialize in treating cancers affecting the breast, head and neck, lung, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, prostate, ovaries, and other organs.

  • NABL accredited labs

    Care Management Approach

    Every patient has a dedicated Care Manager, who guides them through the treatment plan and ensure that our team of cancer specialists respond with relevant advice at all times.

  • Highly trained phlebotomists

    Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

    Cancer is complex and requires a multi-disciplinary approach for better diagnosis and treatment outcome. Our approach ensures you get both. Our highly experienced oncologists work-in-coordination with the super-specialist surgeons to provide the best possible treatment.

  • Accurate reporting

    Most Advanced Treatment Options

    Get access to cutting-edge treatments such as immunotherapies, targeted therapies, organ sparing surgeries, proton therapy.

  • On-time sample collection

    Online Consult

    The program allows you to connect with our world-class doctors from the convenience of your home. Create an account and we’ll review your medical records, imaging, and test results to send you personalized treatment recommendations.

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