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When it comes to cancer, the diagnosis, treatment, and care need important decision-making. The Cancer Second Opinion Platform at Medanta gives you access to experienced and trained oncologists who can guide you and help you make this important healthcare decision.
You can to interact with our clinicians regarding your diagnosis and treatment options. The following treatment options may be provided, alone or in combination, as part of an individual’s care management plan:

  • Surgical Intervention
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Immunotherapy and Hormone Therapy
  • Bone Marrow Transplant

Should you get a Second Opinion?

For one or more of the following reasons, you may want to take a second medical opinion:

  • To be sure your diagnosis is correct
  • Help ensure that you are receiving the best possible care
  • To support what you have already been told about your condition and treatment

What Are the Advantages of Seeking a Second Opinion?

Following are some of the advantages of seeking a second opinion:

  • Feeling comfortable that multiple doctors agree on your cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • When the second doctor offers you a new treatment, you can make an informed decision

How to get a second opinion at Medanta?

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    Register by entering the caregiver or patient details.

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    Submit your medical reports and write your query

    Submit your medical reports and write your query

    Submit your reports, to upload, you can take pictures on your phone or submit scanned copies of your reports. If you face any issues, we will help you after your complete registration.

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    Get personalized care plan within 2 days

    Get personalized care plan within 2 days

    Every case will be mapped to a Cancer Case Manager, who will guide you through the treatment plan and ensure you have all the medical reports from our Tumour Board doctors to respond with relevant advice.

Why Should You Choose Medanta for a Cancer Second Opinion?

  • Multi-Disciplinary Team of Doctors - Medanta Tumour Board Review

    Multi-Disciplinary Team of Doctors - Medanta Tumour Board Review

    Medanta's Cancer Institute was founded with a vision of being a one-stop destination of solutions for all cancer patients. We combine the perspectives of our clinicians in Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Medical Oncology to give you a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • Care Management Plan

    Care Management Plan


    Every patient gets a dedicated Care Manager who walks them through their treatment plan and ensures that our team of cancer doctors responds with up-to-date information.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

    Personalized Treatment Plan

    We provide tailored treatment plan that includes selecting appropriate treatment options (baseline care, preventative treatment options, and operative treatment options), as well as follow-up recall, reassessment, and monitoring.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    The program allows you to connect with our doctors from the convenience of your home. You can create an account with us and we’ll review your medical records, imaging, and test results to send you personalized treatment recommendations.

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