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10. Stroke Prevention

What is Medanta secondary stroke prevention clinic (SPC)?

Medanta secondary SPC will take care of the patients who have already suffered any kind of above mentioned strokes and efforts will be directed to prevent them from having any further strokes. It will also adopt strategies to reduce the burden of the family in dealing with their member with stroke.

Specialized consultations offered:

Comprehensive assessment of the risk factors of stroke and specialists consultations will be offered in the clinic under the guidance of:

Why Medanta stroke prevention clinic?

At Medanta Secondary SPC, every effort will be directed by a comprehensive team of medical professionals, interventionists, rehabilitation professionals, nurse practitioners and nutritionist towards identifying the risk factors and addressing them with utmost clarity based on current international standards and recommended guidelines.

This team will also connect with the patient and family at the emotional level and address the needs of the patient, family and society to improve the functional outcome in the long run. It will not only help the patient recover, but will also prevent them from having any further cerebrovascular event.

The clinic will also provide the opportunity for patient, patient interaction and family, family interaction and forming Medanta stroke support group in the long run.

Some preventive measures

Knowing your stroke risk factors, following your doctor's recommendations and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the best steps you can take to prevent a stroke. If you've had a stroke or a TIA, these measures may help you avoid having another stroke. Many stroke prevention strategies are the same as strategies to prevent heart disease. In general, healthy lifestyle recommendations include:

Preventive medications

If you've had an ischemic stroke or TIA, your doctor may recommend medications to help reduce your risk of having another stroke. These include:


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