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The exact cause of brain tumors is yet unknown. However, scientists are studying tumors and trying to come up with new treatment and diagnostic techniques which will help in early detection and treatment of tumors. There are certain trends and risk factors which play a significant role in development of brain tumor such as:

  • People who handle certain chemicals like vinyl chloride or are exposed to radiation are more likely to develop brain tumor
  • Family history of certain genetic disorders such as Von Hippel–Lindau disease and Li-Fraumeni syndrome are at higher risk of developing brain tumor
  • People with compromised immune system such as those suffering from AIDS are more likely to suffer from brain tumor
  • Radiation therapy to the head received previously for any treatment can predispose a person towards develop ing brain tumor

Research is being carried out by various medical bodies to establish a link between tumours and usage of certain chemicals in daily life such as cosmetics and pesticides however no concrete evidence has proved the hypothesis. Many people believe that mobile phone usage and exposure to radiations from cell phone towers cause brain tumor. However, this theory hasn’t been proved and research is still on.


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