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Why Medicity Healthcare

    When you travel abroad for medical care, you want everything to go smoothly. Patients come to 'Medanta - The Medicity' from all over the world, and Medanta's International Patient Services coordinates all aspects of their care, including medical care, scheduling of appointments, interpretation services and guest services.

    Medanta's department of international patient services works as a team to provide seamless service tailored to your personal and cultural needs.

    We impart the highest quality health care for patients from countries spread all over the world, so we understand and can anticipate your needs. We make every effort to assist you & be at your service during all phases of your care i.e. before you arrive, during your stay & after your discharge.

    To reach 'Medanta - The Medicity' International Patient Services, write to us at

    International Care Executives

    Your Medanta Pilot
    Medanta is a cluster of internationally renowned physicians and medical treatments where patients around the world get benefited. The Medanta offers the eight super specialties & holistic treatment therapy.

    World Class Infrastructure
    The magnitude of this institution being gigantic, every international patient is clubbed with a personal international care executive who provides seamless service at all stages and interactions at Medanta.

    Your executive is caring, skilled and dedicated to your needs to make your stay efficient and unperturbed. He will assist you in navigating through the Medanta systems, scheduling appointments with the most appropriate Medanta experts, facilitating language interpreters & understanding your cultural expectations.
    Post your visit to Medanta, your coordinator will be your one point of contact for all future communications. Please contact to schedule a medical appointment or to receive more information.

    International Patient Management

    Medanta International Clinical Co-ordinators
    To make certain the best of clinical services for you, Medanta has a care management team of experienced international care nurses and a senior-level physician. This team works closely with the international care coordinator and Medanta's clinical team.

    Patient Education
    The care management nurse constantly educates and updates the patients on their condition and improvements. She holds the educational sessions & informs the patient and attendants on future course of action.

    Once your attending physician announces the Discharge, The international care management nurse will tack together discharge plans with other members of the Medanta's international team. The team takes care of your needs & request while finalizing the discharge.

    The International patient services team ensures that at the time of discharge you receive the right information and education, available translated materials, all consolidated bills. The team will also discuss & plan your follow-up visits and future treatment needs in your home country.

    Clinical Equipment
    The patient management team will arrange for you all the necessary clinical equipment, such as a Stretcher, a wheelchair, Crash cart or oxygen.

    Private Duty Nursing
    At your request, the patient management team can arrange a private duty nurse or a sitter with medical background.

    Ambulance Transportation
    If you cannot commute on a normal vehicle & need a medically equipped vehicle, the care management team will arrange ambulance.

    May I help you?
    In case you have any (medical/ non medical) queries, Please contact your international care executive & we will feel happy to help you.

    Your Billing Guide
    Our dept. of International services will help you with all kind of financial Informations like preparing estimates, understanding the bills, provisional bill generations, verifying insurance coverage vis-a-vis Medanta policies and collecting payments.

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